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TSRA: Harold's Mail Delivery (Short Video)

Опубликовано: 1 месяц назад
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This is my new short video where I remember the clip from "A Bad Day For Harold" from Thomas & Friends Season 6. So I decided to make a short video of it as a sequel one. I hope you enjoy it.


Well you have done a great job carrying a Mayo cross sword Oh Harold you are the real useful helicopter thank you sir it was really nothing ah hello Percy how was your day my day is very good until I've seen you taking the mail away I was going to Colette why not do every the mail is very busy even though I can hold anything when I'm flying into the sky and I also carry me.

Like you always do and do you know where helicopters are for know what helicopters are for them to be at the airfield and a helipad sometimes they are very reliable even they are useful I'm still useful too and so do you any helicopters can be the air vehicles as well is there any more I can deliver for you in a chip that's what friends are for.

Hahaha well delivery the mail is for engines jobs oh well you'll get used to it Percy sorry I can't chat I must be off good bye birdbrain


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