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Assassins creed black flag

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Just trying to make videos for you guys I love you guys who support me thanks


You asked me can this new captain who promised you a life of roses blunder in adventure hi one stall the gentlemen of Fortune Ceylonese West Indies he ranks amongst it was a time and I thought myself that's right boy it might you devil dressed as a man nose is very cry that's right it'll mess on me boy.

Come at me brother destroyed Mariana I actually haven't seen that cutscene before Hudson l played this game for like two days now pretty hard pretty good madro now boy give me a vetoes brother every time I kill some every time I kiss somebody.

Unistream beast did I say it in black ops for did I oh by the way I'm sorry it's best to pour is a better visa to catch a few small fish to attract the big goodness alright what's your guy you got metal mothers do you got me metal that's what I'm looking for I'm looking for some metal well you got metal coming for that mother.

fire brace yourselves destroyed here we're gonna Ram him again that's right brother we're coming for them toad brother give me that metal I'm hungry for some metal .

Yo hey hey hey stop attacking me oh no thanks nothing so let me get off let me get off me get off me get off me get off let me get off let me get off let me get off that's scary you're a scary man brother take me on your list take me to your xbox played for a night to day things almost admire for now.

shop get'em boys get on may my crew rest in peace it made their ship my ship don't do that why are we crashing we got pirate hunters on the.

Loose people are you okay hold on I need information see it what say you know some even after we do this we have to fight a little bit of some pet hunters or did they leave we can beautiful .

okay broadside gents that's what I got it bye that's a I didn't need to buy anything but turns out I do what's our tenants well yeah Oh you oh my charge is disconnected Jake take.

Me to the Xbox make clicking on your steam iron but not still dreaming all about that strumpet back in England there's a few talking about meeting with master kid to steal from a nearby plantation plantation its ambitious profitable - if we can manage it all.

Right it's a good idea since again brothers I think we're clear sir do I hear Jen's wrong hey hey hey hey who told you to say what is this .

can I get off of my thing it's not oh it's a strong I really want to ran you watch this brother changing the second y'all can't sing during storms out like that I want you to see you look tasty .

Another one way star another storm raise your voices be clomp this it's gonna be a lot of not talking because I explained to some other strings but some people do not watch my old strings but I forget that I'm.

Streaming sometimes so I just the late William King still a mere boy and yet 10 times the demon his father was do you steal that costume from a gun owner van no sir found this on a corpse one that was walking about and talking straight to my face only moments before what's this I hear about translate on a plantation I'll keep it secret for me are you.

Every day Spooner's Patras sugars say it was coming from plantations nearby most times they stop here selling a few crates is it a mr. Beckford good only this plantation I like to see I really want to know what happens if I shoot him but probably the mission will help cancel I don't want to shoot him but I actually do so I'm not gonna shoot.

Him the look of a man and crafting a bold idea look I've seen before you mark while all the cargo is keeping and it gave me the idea that I might take these Goods often and sell them off for a better price than you gave us a frigging Man O'War type of ship are you young sir you were.

Undefined I'm scared of you please stay away okay thank you I know what a restricted area wait hold on I'm reading this okay take the ship are you are you legit you're in a schooner this man is just fantastic so friggin Man O'War hmm shouldn't you be in the middle where if you want protection I mean that just.

Makes more sense I think she mean a Manowar oh brother no thank you too many too many too many too many too many too many I hear not brother no thank you hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey Yee hee what is going on let me get to the room I gotta slip away we gotta tell this dude.

Good evening I could destroy you if I wanted to what's it like toiling on a plantation day of night well the cane sugar cut and harvest it's one this way let me tell you brother there's a touch on the skin stick like good line.

Oh what was that it's a whisper too close hey hey hey hey don't hit me with my own shit that's not cool hey what is this why swine what's happened here why such disarray but if the true sir that's all its.

Wilmington's birthday to get you look alive man you've a job to do apologies how do you suppose you'll be able to ring that alarm if you're pissed drunk and barely able to stand I see strangeness not if I sabotage it in charge here I require entrance for.

The warehouse what get looted brother goodbye .

Hey get skinny brother then let us find the ability because of these tabla spray sorry for school boys Spanish .

we have to find it .

Oh whoa I want that we're gonna steal it oh yeah we're leaving they're gone so far .

This pirates and the rum they like it a lot as you can say their rum addicts I don't want to get the check there we go slowly .

reckless we've been doing this point of work I can tell listen my mother is calling us Rebecca you.

I guess I gotta fight these guys oh no thanks freak are using your phone or the place.

Naturals Julian - past the temple I know the man Nikki sees my ship you know until his time in Havana I'm sailing women I don't want to lose that guy let's think on tonight's dark .

Jaso sings like we lost through the Manowar but and it can't write time we're gonna board the ship and take your brother's nice game I'll try it out my dad ran out of being trained so Caleb what shoes for some reason dreams when I watch out and between like two percent even though it's created like so it did.

Like double the drainage so what I watch your videos oh half of that crap so don't get surprised when I'm watching a video that is you okay I saw this things on the mini-map we have ourselves uh I know why it's live may takes more effort to try to get something that's right now are both flamingos it's a friggin flamingo I want to press it it's a it's a real flamingo out by your plastic yeah.

Usually people amigo you think I see yeah so we got ourselves a loot crate and they officially made more plastic flamingos it really there are more plastic I just got news from my brother which gives me a lot of news that they made more plastic flamingos been real flamingos which is I just think that's sad I mean there's two things on here whatever the sub hey can.

I border shipping unser Oh 4,000 never mind make it 5,000 yo yo check this out Jacob we're gonna bet I'm watching two n CPM ships fight three of them actually that's cool should I join in oh it's not that it's not that bad I upgraded it to work and use off a bunch of candies now okay hey hey hey you're getting awfully.

Awfully close what is that word awkward getting awfully close to my ship young sir your little I could run you to pieces I am going back to my ship I want to fight I need this sugar sugar sand sugar tea is good Oh c'mere tell me if you like my ship I changed sell is it talking to my brother right now by the way I have one person watching Jacob I don't know put.

In the comments if you're know okay I'll give you a shout out even though I'm not that big I'll give you a shout out I'm fighting destroy we're here a big ship I'll take for you your scooter and your bridge okay not bad coming from the toes brother let me get them tow baby I gotta go I am you get a bird and a spoon.

Just attacked me by the way guys I did a double stream I'm invited to a triple stream yeah we're gonna play some yeah we're gonna play some call of duty all the doofus oh where that came from it's my I was talking to my brother we're talking about validity and I was like so I was just talking some nonsense and stuff and I was like call the doofy and he goes hey you wanna play Call of.

Do this and and then he goes no I don't got his number fire please never mind I am dead I'm not gonna I should've known that when I died first time not to go attacks but I just wanted out of the game why are you in the storm oh wait there's fireworks in Portland.

Yeah that's cool this man deserved bootay oh are you guys you know pensions you brother did I just get you London town did not do that on purpose wait I said that and it sounded like I did it on purpose but trust me guys I'm gonna throw this stop guarding every pot stop.

Just turning to turn into a Australian Harry Potter Oh we're entering the restricted area what's your name this is careful captain these voters have even washing and just like bring out the sails I know never mind I was gonna say go slow.

I'm like go fast be ready man I love you dang it gentlemen as is custom among our kind we do not plunge headlong into folly on the orders of a single madman but act according to our own collective madness their duties .

No this is cool we're going into a a dungeon it's sad that I think we're really close to them because there's a lot of talk about the observatory but when I start off the game this is 8% completed so nope when there's a hundred percents that's that's no please no can you can you go to the right oh that jumped up I'm not doing this this is a cutscene by the rice.

Look I'm clapping oh now you go okay oh I see on the mini-map a treasure chest parkour skills get good would you learn this let me learn I want to learn brother brother he has loops no brother but I have sprite cranberry brother that is not sprite cranberry that is sprite cherry no brother I tell you this is sprite cranberry.

Brother you are lying to me brother this is great cherry I'm sorry brother I was lying to you brother may I have loops I don't have any loops brother but I have sprite blueberry be stick man the old bill three days be stood well I'm I sing but I got yeah I got the else everyone that came out right here boy.

But everybody in this game look the same what why are you in a jungle with a judge here brother yo this trip me why just why is this giving me uncharted for vibes if you play it on try before you know what I mean going through the jungle trying to find yourself just I've never played uncharted 4 I beat the game five times you have never played uncharted see you.

Xbox noob hey hey okay can I get two thousand more of our I don't whatever that means are destroyed I just went over their house into a bush and over another dudes house and into another bush I'm savage assassinated hey you want some assassinating I'll give you.

Assassinated it was this yeah boy I run from your brother I must find the loops you getting the Luke's brother all these guards are like stop and I was like No I see like 50,000 little unlike inspected nose and inspecting things where is he where did he go and they're all yellow.

whenever I am almost dead I just take them lift up wait till I regenerate and jump down he's my god I was never here it's a worry I'm on.

Your ship and that go back go go forward actually 100 feet books I just felt on my death is this fortnight or what oh it pulled me back in the jungle you just said I would not let you get in you punch me and then you let me get in.

What's get off of me as ninja says you're on me get off me as ninja says Spring sniper you know the guy on more than one you have 12 do you know what else and it just says and you know what else and it just says says what the Frick did you say to me oh yes sorry I got one word wrong so I just wanted I just the word the is just so it's it's such a bad word.

I just didn't want to use it I said I said it pretty quick now hmm what's going on Oh wrong guys somebody send me a message you.

Okay there we go had to handle business Oh nobody watching anymore nope it's Kay I'm watching doors I'm watching you come here stop moving I've got the gun put it right at your head stop moving I wish all the Empire's on earth.

Abolished a free and open world without parasites like you I've got a Manowar brother yes oh I feel accomplished .

I'm like wait hold on hold on hold on I gotta change my settings I thought I recently found out they could not hear you sure but let me just finish this stream okay are you watching now we've got two.

People watching nice brother ready that looks smarter burger now boys get out my elevator mine taking this elevator that's my brother he's fine for tonight are you getting a hike your game brother yes how many kills do you have 16.

What you say okay I don't know and you say I'm not gonna ask again I'm just gonna continue with my stream okay yeah you have a nice face can I smell it there go all my viewers can I smell your face yes sir listen that's us yo like for real where am I hold on invite as many people as you can.

To view my stream if you if that's possible I I have three exes yes I'm very busy hey should I should I ever after I stream this I'm gonna strain Kreutzer then sinister in black ops for what oh yeah Ghost Recon yep much how many 5,000 oh I am so so psychic.

Beasted I want to show you my pirate ship I am a pirate brother playing Assassin's Creed Black Flag right now I got a friggin minor war you do yeah this dude look like what is this can I have can I have some pizza is it wait hold on enhance enhance is that a pineapple what's up can somebody get me a rope gonna.

Strangle this dude for having pineapple pizza I'm just kidding I like pineapple pizza what no I'm gonna stream for a lot longer probably an hour more what do you mean why for what but it's why.

okay yup are you gay No I said boy get those squeaky hey hey hey that door squeaking that's a squeaky door .

No a senator's gonna stream for like an hour didn't you oh my goodness I'm still gonna string for a long time I'm having fun okay I'll - not really cuz I don't really have that much money in the time however how are we gonna get money any races you know that I'm good at I'm not.

Good at hyper covers but I'm good at the dirtbike one end of Grand Canyon I've never lost not really no I just want to string this your barn you should you should play Ghost Recon that's not boring after the stream oh are you watching the stream okay I'll stream in a second another let me.

Just I'm gonna just try to you do some stuff okay I'm just trying to get some money and buy something you hunt so bye wait no bye no no no you did you take down six rather I'm not I'm not just just watch the stream I don't have PlayStation Plus no forgot about that forgot I don't have PlayStation Plus no you need PlayStation Plus for that too.

I try to try to get into the same game that'll probably take some time but sure in a second like my 82 B series that's a new series my first episode I went from from the from LA to the crown of Maine sure but where where'd it go okay please .

oh yeah hi I could mute you I don't know what if I wanted to but do I I don't know do I your next actions or or show if I work if I want to or not .

You are so what am i doing right now if you're watching stream now what now what okay you're watching the street I am not smoking yeah now hello .

You're streaming I'm straining you gonna streaming you gonna streaming everybody gets a streaming my cringe okay I just wanted to make sure I was yeah you wouldn't see much you want to see my ship watch this ready no three two one hey hold on it's behind another ship wait that's not my ship my ships on the other side of the island hold on I'm playing a game.

You're not streaming I am streaming well you saw rude I did not get you hold on where's my man o'war what is this little thing .

Oh on if you continue and will not leave a crew but Jesus or did you say did you just say yes some are why I don't know why it doesn't let me check no love ensure for longer I know that.

I don't know No that does not mean instantly okay I think this is one of my longest strings .

that's so much money no you know it because we really don't feel like playing the crew - you wanna see me hunt down the bull shark wanna see me attack a shark are you not really I've streamed it a lot of.

Fortnight Assassin's Creed Black Flag I don't know do I know you won't see me attacker what's the call shark you want sir what's this okay are you watching the stream pastas hang tight everyone watch the rocks already shark is dead.

why we neither actually kind of just want to go to sleep you know what I'm gonna be nice I'll play with you would you say we're playing again the crew to amending the streaming and I'm gonna start another same okay guys


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