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Colours Of Evil (Batman Fan Film, 2018)

Опубликовано: 4 месяца назад
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This is a non-commercial, non-profitable project, not intended for sales, created only for fun.
Watch Purple And Green
Sirius Beat - The Unknown
Sirius Beat - No Way Out
Ross Bugden - Welcome to Chaos
Sirius Beat - Heroes
Sirius Beat - The Feed
Sirius Beat - Land Of Bones
Sirius Beat - Greatness
Guitar covers of Mettalica´s One, Batman 89 theme and Hans Zimmer´s Why Do We Fall
VFX created in Blender 2.79b, using the Cycles Engine and Filmic Encoding.


Hello Gotham, it's me, your favourite genius, Edward Nygma aka the Riddler. You may also call meworld's greatest detective, for I have beaten the one you used to call by the name, the Batman. You may be asking how I did that. Well, I summed it up, so you even the dumbest of you would understand. It's over. Hey Brucie,I figured out your secret identity easily....

Oh god. He killed Harley Quinn. You crossed the line, Batman. Now you'regonna die along with your closest. I cannot rest a single second. There is a war about to begin. And I must be as ready as I can to prevent it. Riddle me this. Oh Batsy, you have finally become fun. Howcould have I thought so little of you... You are not as boring as you try to look.Killing my sidekick, that's something....

It's unlucky I have to punish this. I can't look weak, you know? As expected Joker believed, that Batman killed Harley. Everything is going exactly according to the plan. In few hours, Batman and Joker will both be dead, and I will get my revenge. Best part is I'm gonna watch them kill each other, the only downside being they can only die once. Batsy, Batsy, Bats,this will be such fun. Let's get to the next phase..

What do you want ? Riddler... Talk. You will never get to him. You should be more concerned about yourself than about me. Nice window. You don't kill. Everyone knows that. No... But you don't need your bones to live,do you ? Stop. Stop. Stop. I will talk. Good..

I sold him a building in a forest and acity block here in Gotham. That's all. I swear. Where is that block? Founders´ street. He was here, boss. When I kill someone, it's so bad. But you do, heck, who cares right? I thought you would understand now that you have crossed the line. I haven't killed anybody. Oh really?Didn't expect you wouldn't even admit it. I didn't kill her. I would never hurt a defenseless woman..

I'm not like you. True. You're just as boring as heaven. So who was it?Tell me now, who killed my Harley? Who would be crazy enough? I'd like to meet him. Nobody comes in mind?Who hates you that much? Oh plenty.I've been trying. Someone, who knew about Barbara Gordon.It was his only case as an intern. Then you tried to get him killed. Instead, he lost what he loved most. Now he hates you to death..

Little correction...WE tried to kill him. You're going back where you belong. To Arkham.This time you will not escape. Won't have to. My father used to tell me a single man cannot make a difference. Was he right? Am I doomed to fail? Was all my effort meaningless? I used to be so sureI did the right thing..

Yet I cannot drag anyone into my war. I couldn't watch them suffer for me.Not again. I have to do this alone. There is no thing as difficult as trying to fulfil my father's legacy, while defying all his wishes for me inthe process. I may not return.I might never see my father's last words, but if I read them now, I may not leave at all. Sector clear, boss. Boss?.

What's the problem, man? What? What is this?What's happening? Fuck, man. Oh, fuck. What the fuck, man? Oh, shit! What's the problem? What happened?What? Oh no!Who is here? I don't know.Where is he? Chill. What? The fuck, man? Oh, shit. What is this? What? Where is he?.

Oh shit. Oh shit.It's Bat... Where...Where did he go? Okay. Okay. It's... It's alright. Where are you? Where are you? I got him!I got him! Oh shit, it's not him... You okay?Oh shit. Oh shit. Shit. Where the fuck is he? What?.

Where are you? John! Where are you? What? Hey, man. What's happened? I don't know.Are you okay? Are you okay? Yes. Yes. Yes. And you? Chill. Chill. Chill.Okay? What? Okay. What? It's okay..

Do you see him? Maybe he's dead. Abramovici, come here. I'm so sorry. I must have killed all your men. So... Here we are. I give you the courage for killing her, she was pissing me off anyway. She's better of dead. But blaming it on Bats?Oh no.. I can't stand that. Riddle me this....

What happens to a coward when I pointa gun at him? Can you smell it? What a pleasant surprise. Before you die,I want you to suffer. I know she meant something to you. You won't convince me otherwise. Do you wanna know, how she screamed and cried? How her life left her body when I shother in the stomach? And of course... The most wonderful thing..

Couldn't spare her of it. The thing,that you bastard did to my mother. Remove my first letter and I am ananimal, remove my last letter and I am a music genre. What am I? Oh, that was your mother?I thought it was grandfather. Why aren't you laughing?That joke is funny. Let's put a smile on that face. You shouldn't put that much metal on yourself,Batman. It's gonna bring you down..

While this is fun,I have come here with one goal. Somebody dies here tonight.What's beautiful... Is you get to choose... No. You aren't killing anyone. Okay. I kill everyone. I said...You are killing no one. You chose this. No! Are you happy now?.

What are you gonna do now, Bruce? I know your identity. Are you gonna kill meand violate your one and only rule? No. You go to Arkham.You'll never escape. And you will tell no one about my identity. I will see for that myself. How can you know I haven't told anyone yet? What time is it when an elephant is sitting on a fence? It's time to get a new one.Everyone knows that. And if everyone knows an answer....

What kind of riddle is that? Damn you. It was still worth it,you know ? The police has after three months finally apprehended the notorious criminal Edward Nygma,who calls himself The Riddler, and put him into the newly reopened Arkham Asylum. In nearby abandoned facility was found a body of another criminal escaping custody,The Joker. Nygma has been convicted of this murder, as well as the murder of Harley Quinn, Joker's partner in crime..

Police also found signs of Batman's presenceon the scene and accused him of being accompliceto the murders. As Batman escapes custody,people of Gotham must wonder: Does this myth even exist ? Or is he one created to be blamed for crimesout of competence of the police department ? In other news... Reports state well-known billionaire Bruce Waynesecretly married his momentarily partner, Selina Kyle,Not long after adopting a kid with her.



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