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Oh my goodness I can't believe it here over here come down here I'm on my way and you're playing I'm on my way lady oh I do not want to die now oh my god I'm fine I'm fine I'm fine yeah I am gonna keep my distance I don't know I am okay Santa how's it going oh my goodness I can't believe you're here I know right it's been so long it is been so long.

What why are we meeting up again what's this all about well basically there's a new plane which just came out it's those are they playing but a new one there's a new new play yeah oh I'm so alone in it is it on the website looks at it yet alright we go to war stock I guess I see it it's the Mogul the Mogul for 3.5 million dollars oh my god that is extremely expensive.

That is yet that's my god what what does it do though jelly it flies like any other plane and that's pretty much it thought it was a boat although I do think it could carry a lot of cool bombs a lot of cool guns and I think this is by I think that's it all right so sold yes all right so Santa I'm gonna head over to my own hangar and we're gonna customize these.

Planes and then we'll meet up with them and have a look which one's cooler alright ready so excited I am even more excited I'm flying off I'm going to my own hangar okay jelly talk to you soon I hope all right setup got my aircraft are you this one is huge it is so quite because I packed my other planes don't kill me but it's quite big yeah what.

Yeah I've got a lot of big planes in this hangar well anyway I do like the look of it it's got two pretty massive props on it it's got like a little what is it like it like it like a little hat on it it looks like a hat it's just it's just worry sit up there and control something she should have gone there and someone can control it and shoot oh my god I'm so excited to customize this.

Place alright so let's go inside and see how we can exactly customize things look there's also a door on the end there that's pretty cool alright I'm inside cool you modify okay jelly I'll talk to you in the bed okay alright alright I'm gonna be surprised with what you're gonna make alright so starting off we're obviously gonna put some armor on it a hundred percent of it $37,000 just blow.

On that and then moving on counter measures which is probably like one of the most important things on this aircraft see if someone shoots a rocket at you then you would want to dodge them now there's multiple ways how you can like trick the rocket of it not hitting you yes sounds weird that's true so you can put chaff on it it's it's a countermeasure to block incoming.

Missiles I'm not sure what this does but what I like the most are the flares basically the flares they caused $110,000 and you get 20 of them and if you click on a little button once the rockets coming your way it will be misguided it's for the middle of nowhere and not kill me alright now you can also put up all kinds of smokes on it but I'm not gonna do that because I'm gonna put.

Flowers on it because they're awesome and then we can upgrade the engine now the stock engine might be great but hey level for $25,000 sounds a lot like it handling I'm not sure if this actually changes the handling of just the wheels of the aircraft or also the wings cuz if I think it's the wings but I don't know but $26,000 for a little bit of race handling in this old plane race.

Handing in this way I don't know now we got some stickers and we can respray and we're gonna wait with that first we're gonna go to thrust now something that all these aircraft have in my hangar is a first engine basically you can take off a lot faster with this jato jet assistant take off duster engine that's what it stands for it cost two hundred thousand dollars she can see it on the.

Side there basically clicking a little button and it kind of like boosts you to a really good speed so you can take off a lot faster weapons bombs we're gonna put cluster bombs on it basically cluster bombs turn they fall outside of your aircraft and they do quite a lot of damage $19,000 there you go I've already spent so much Don money on this primary weapons we can put a dual 50 caliber on.

It which is uh as you can see right now we only have the left one but now you have two of them $146,000 secondary weapons you have a little weapon up front where is it yeah it's up front you see changing you can put a single nose machine gun on it or dual nose $480,000 I'm just gonna do that because why not now that's it for the weapons it might look like nothing but once we get into.

The action it's got a tripwire shack alright now that's it let's have a quick look at the respray so secondary color is going to be one just the engines the engines are the secondary colors alright so the primary is obviously going to be green there you go and now the secondary color could be anything we want it to be as you can see you can't even change the wingtips that's kind of weird.

You can only change the engine let's look at the stickers oh okay oh okay like racy stickers Sky King delivery date duty calls MACT out this one's kind of funny oh oh I like the look of this expandable and the private mogul oh look at that it's like an army helicopter it's it's like an army plane but we're going with this one just because I like it more so does.

The secondary color even do anything at this point what does it changes the inside ring so we're just gonna make that one matte white there you go all right now are done with our juicy plane let's go back to salmon take a look what she did oh my goodness Santa I love it okay okay seriously though Santa your plane looks awesome yeah like seriously oh I can see how this.

Porcelain red and blue like if I if I look at it from one angle it looks red and from the other it looks like black it's so cool I know mine is just yeah yeah before before we start I wouldn't quickly get inside of your gun can I try that yeah like like in the little little head oh it's going for it hell yeah that's what I'm talking about look at that lady fucker yeah free sweet.

Santa let's go flying with yours and then after we do a little race alright let's see how this goes that will probably die how will you die when you're the one flying oh I'm gonna kill you ready for this with my gun yes leave the gap oh my god this house the scariest a cup of my life it can also shoot backwards more useful like seriously if you're in like some kind of.

Fight like woo hell yeah alright how about how about we head over to go to the middle of the town mr. alex is there look if someone's on this jet I mean not jet I mean all the shit no no one's on here then where we going that way yeah yeah just keep on going that way we're gonna meet people soon go just go to the big buildings pretty much.

Okay okay oh and don't fly too low because as you can see there's obstacles there Golf buildings and like a windy today it is windy I'm shaking sunny need to go to the left alright if you see you can see them on the map now you can see them on the map alright you know you need to aim down a little bit so I can start shooting them there at the highway there at the.

Highway that's the highway oh where are they I see him what go towards the beach now make a turn to watch the beach I see someone haha we're gonna get this guy he deserves it all right now to the right now to the right okay the right yes all right it's kind of difficult it's a big-ass plane I know oh there he is there is there is there is I'm trying watch out for the.

Buildings Oh alright I'm catching up with them actually you're catching up with him oh he's right there he's right there don't worry keep it up keep it up to the right now to the right we're a little far off to the right he's making a turn he's coming our way he's coming our way just do a full 360 he set it up there he set it up the mountain Oh Santa you got.

This alright head back to the mountain head back to the mountain he's he is he is hurt I've hit him a couple times Oh watch out trees trees trees yes yes oh my god are you shooting bad why he decided to shoot back water water here in los santos so don't we have this I'm gonna get this guy oh my god oh that was some good shooting Jimmy I think you think you think you how about we hit.

Back to to most Santos Airport Alaska thing and then we're gonna fly together Oh first person instincts sweet I also want to try to sit in yours and do what you're doing now oh yeah sure we can do that we can switch around and see how many kills you can get I obviously got one only but it's more like teamwork you know it's just teamwork see you the fly and I to.

The shoot and then we can switch around now I'm just gonna sit I'm just gonna sit in the passenger seat for now all right you got your wheels out good good good I just never took them off I guess that's fine all right you ready for landing you're just gonna land like diagonally with the runway or you're gonna like try and hit the runway perfectly to try to get there perfectly.

All right but be careful for my plane because it's on the runway you just slow down Santa oh there we go that is not the runway but it works that's fine no it's fine here how about here that's fine oh no props are hitting the ground but it's fine we made it alive we made it alive a little bit oh you're still floating to realize you said that some decency so you were still flying.

Yeah oh no yeah all right now don't click on the left thumbstick don't click on it all right don't click on the left thumbstick good okay there's my plane just put it a little closer so we don't have to walk ten miles that's my blade that's my plane I said crashing sound crashing sound crashing I.

Tried to bring you exploded me that was all you lady that was all you what'd I do that you I don't know flew that thing you drove that plane into a pall I don't click the left thumbstick yeah well of course I'm gonna click it if you tell me to not do it why would you click it right in front of my plane my plane lost its door but apart from that you're gonna sit up there I just.

Wanted to scare you but it didn't work okay we got this we got this we got this okay sorry sorry we're back you kind of deserve that to be honest no I didn't we have one slight issue we only have one engine today but it's fine we'll make it perfectly fine to our destination we'll have one engine Santa look see guys in real life it's also fine if you know you.

Ever fly with a casual airliner one engines totally fine all right perfectly fly anywhere in the world with only one engine all right now we need to head over to some people there's someone on the right there's someone on the right what slight issue is we're probably gonna fall down once someone shoots us right in front of us right in front of.

Our Santa behind these buildings on the road the road were on the right side right now yeah he's right there I can't see him in the red yellow car the red yellow car okay that's someone that's someone you got the spot you got this all right I'm gonna turn around again I'm pretty sure I hit him a few times.

Oh you did you did some good damage there lady whoa look at that flying skills look at those flying skills I'm gonna shoot as well I forgot we only had one prop how we're gonna get backing out doing back taxi all right Sarah let's get back to the airport I get in wait all right vehicle access everyone Harvey he's gonna come for us it says.

Your vehicle axes everyone you do not have access to this vehicle all right change of plans I guess you're ready to go more these guys are crazy today yeah all right so we're gonna do that again what we just did we're just gonna take over lo santos with our new plane but this time you know it's getting dark so we're gonna be the night flyers i'm gonna take over lo santos i make it.

Ours in the night oh yes there we go now we're finally in we have a pass now though you don't have to like I know we don't have to jump over but I still want to do it because I like it okay yeah that's right I like it all right we made it to my hangar you want you want to go to yours we're gonna go with two plates yeah did you buy the front guns like the nose done yeah I bought all the guns all.

Right so then we can fly in two different planes that's gonna be fun all right let's do it do you prefer going in your plane though you think so yeah then why do I have to drop you off I don't know you just come pick me up later on okay okay we need to work together I think it's better if you work together cuz I'm gonna do I'm not that good at flying the.

Bunny you were great at shrink that good you were great I was so we are going to be using one plane today that's right that actually sounds reasonable I'm happy you know what if someone takes us down we're going down together all right ready get in the plane make sure you don't slow at all right so this time I'm actually gonna use my nose gun which is.

This all right let's go let's go to San Jose baby all right so I'm gonna show you the cluster bombs real quick if you look at the airplane yeah oh my you saw that yeah that's right that's what I like to call cluster bombs all right so we can do you know corporate bombing a lot of people yeah okay can we see anyone interesting right now yeah there's gonna be someone right in front.

Of us in just a second right in front of us right over here I think he might have just behind that building he might just be like focus on where we're flying we don't know okay oh I dropped some cluster bombs don't worry drop the cluster you made it out alive all right I'm gonna close my bomb doors and we're gonna head back for this guy all right yes we will and I head back.

For this guy well we need to get him he's been he's been a naughty boy we should be right in front of us here somewhere here yeah it's him I can see whoa it's the orange car again the one you can shoot behind you you can shoot behind you setup I know I know I was just too excited I'm sorry all right it's the orange guy oh the police is after us as well so now we got a lot.

Of it right here we go here we go right in front of us oh I can't think is shooting back isn't he of greatest shame back shoot back I mean I would run for my life I Laurie yes sign it and this time I'm gonna use my fob door again right just make me to make sure I fly right over it right please right here with these yellow these white lights yeah I can't.

See many more oh I missed I missed this all right we're going back for him I don't know exactly where he is but I know he's over there too dark yeah but where that were the night fliers Santa yeah we only come at night right here we gotta find this building he's right behind this building oh did I not get up oh my goodness this guy is sneaky yes really sneaky waiting to get.

Busy all right maybe he's inside the building jelly yeah maybe he is you know what we're just gonna leave him there he's a lost cause anyway come back for him when he is moved I need new people and yeah there's too deep bro the right there's two people on the right let's go for them this should be on that hill you see that little hill in front of us I think there'll be somewhere like right.

Over here yeah all right I'm opening the bomb doors on the map the right here below us somewhere where are they on the hill I think they're right here aren't they oh my god a lot of bombs but no one died that's interesting he's right here somewhere all those explosions and Tennie oh my oh we almost died - we're fine though oh my god we just died so that those are.

Flares oh oh oh I can't conceive to see it very well and I just ran out of bombs so there's that Oh really you can actually want matter bumps yeah you can run out of bombs it costs $200,000 we fill in my accent oh alright there's someone down this mountain there somewhere the house there there is there is in the police car oh my god get him in the police car.

Get him oh my god killing each other guy just keep shooting keep shooting I'm just gonna circle around like this alright come on I think there's one guy two of them actually can't see you anymore can't see them no one's on the path on top oh my gosh see them I see you you can you can do this I'm trying it's really difficult when you keep on moving.

Like that and circles in circles all right oh my god get him get him get him Emma oh are you serious tele behind me well I think we enough for this episode I think we pretty much did everything this plane could do we only killed one person in the end yes okay well that was fun it was good fun though I liked it yeah Oh still wiggling around alright well my setup thank you guys so.

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