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Build Sophie, Henry & the Triplets House in Sims 4 - Walkthrough & Christmas Dress Up

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I have spent so long trying to make the perfect house for the Lego Friends Darlington family in the Sims 4 and I decided I should just video it and fix things up along the way as I go. So here we have the mostly perfect house for Sophie & Henry and the mischievous triplets. And it's almost Christmas so they're decked out in their winter-y goodness and we might even decorate the Christmas tree today. So let's do a walkthrough their new house and see how they like it!
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Hello welcome to LED toys we are heading into the Sims 4 with the Darlington family here they are as their Lego persona and in the last Sims 4 video we made them into things so Sophie and Henry as the parents and the kids Alex violet and Harry and I promised that I was gonna make a house for them and we would start some let's play so I was been spending all this time making a.

House for them and because Sophie is a vet we had decided well I have decided that they're going to live in brindle to me baby because this is where the vet yes and where the cats and the dogs love to hang out this is where the new brindle tinfoil special is over here in the corner I hunt the Darlington's are living right up the back here almost in the sticks it's gonna be nice and quiet.

Over here next door is Katie's family now katie is violets little best friend so we'll meet her later and I have also dropped in the friends characters that I've actually already made Andreea and Mia and Emma and aundrea had to just put her in a different house because her apartment couldn't actually go in this particular landscape and we've got a couple of really cute places.

We're gonna go and visit so first up though let's go and see what's happening at the Darlington's house now the Darlington's they needed to have a nice house we did them to have a little bit of money so getting a bit of money and here they go they are heading into their house and I just love watching just push violets that is not a good start.

My goodness siblings alright we've got the triplets moving into the house in their triple anyway with lots of unbalanced enos and I could watch them do this all day and the house is actually kind of decorated for Christmas because we're going to do a Christmas let's play very very soon before Christmas so that they can have a Christmas Day very first Christmas in.

Their new house so they've made it up the stairs and tink has gone in and Harry's got in on it Aires out again goes in he goes out he's just like a cat he can't figure it out he's going back down the stairs and violet and Alex standing there looking Burmese now let's pause this and look at the house so let's check out the floor can't a floor plan first and have.

A look at the bottom floor and then we'll look at it nice and closely so going in through the front door we get a nice big entryway here in a big set of stairs and a lovely big kitchen everything is big they are quite wealthy there's a dining room the living area is very cozy I've got a Christmas tree and a Christmas corner set up lots of toys over here to play with in the living.

Area and over this way we've got violets bedroom and she's got a beautiful bedroom and the boys have got a slightly bigger space and they're sharing and back here behind the stairs he is a bathroom slash laundry and there's a whole heap of potties in there and on the second level it's kind of a bit more adult because this is where Sophie and Henry's bedroom is up on the second.

Level the bathrooms got a spa in it because that's what it had in the Lego version we built and there is another little living area up here there's a cat tree for Tinker and we've got a bit of a collection of Henry stuff from his jungle adventure days and an office over there and out the back actually up here on the top we've got a couple of little skylights which I love I love having.

Natural light coming in okay out the back though we're trying to put as much play equipment in here as possible because if you remember their lego backyard is absolutely packed so we've got a swimming pool we've got cat toys we've got a big ball pit with a climbing jungle gym and there's swings and there is a climbing frame here course they'll be too little to use this as toddlers.

But as they grow up they will be able to plant and over here on the other side of the house is a greenhouse just for Henry he's gonna love growing his plants in here this is gonna be able to no cheese green thumbs so let's head inside look at those kids paws there on the door the door frame and tinker's paws there too so in through the front door over here to the kitchen where we got a few.

Christmas ornaments and looks like Henry's already made himself at home because it is his home and he's taken a nice piece of pie and the dining table over here looks like they were really hungry from the moon so Sofie is also having a bit of pie through these doors out to the back there's actually a very fancy backyard barbecue area for entertaining they.

Won't be returning for a while because they've got tiny we need children and okay look let's see let's spin it around and when we go back in again we can go and have a look at the living area which is just cozy it is very livable it is not elegant and gorgeous it's livable it's got a massive TV and a fan and lots of comfy things to sit on over here we've got the Christmas tree and lots.

And lots of toys and then moving over here look just inside gingka looks like tinker might be m doing something on the carpet there we got the backpacks just inside the door just like we had in the Lego version and let's head into violets room actually before we do that I've put these little posters on the door so we know whose room belongs to hmm okay into violets room trying to figure out the.

Best way to get in here so we can see everything because even the walls are decorated so don't want to put the walls completely down she's got a gorgeous bed with butterflies and the sky image on the wall she's got her own doll's house so beautifully equipped in here and over here we have got a whole heap of tree Muriel Muriel Stream urals the Unicorn and some lights up there too and she's.

Got a little friend she's got whiskers in here that we are gonna be a pet family so we have a start off with a few and add more as we go because you remember what happens they had a lot of animals we won't get too crazy hopefully maybe maybe we will and the boys bedroom they're sharing a room there were no racetracks in The Sims 4 like we did in the Lego version but there their room is.

Packed full of good stuff so many cute things in here and they have got a fish tank to look after and a giant giraffe one of my favorite things and so many toys okay what else we got we've got the bathroom over here with the laundry and three little parties all lined up in the row ready to toilet-trained the triplets that should be super duper fun so if you.

Henry are going to bear hands full trying to toilet train or just keep these three under control there's actually a door out to the outside from the bathroom in the laundry so you can come straight from the pool area into the bathroom so you don't trick all your water through the house okay moving up to the second level which is very still still very tidy and elegant and adult.

Ease into their bedroom they have got actually that looks really nice see how they've got the aquariums along the back wall well that's actually in the other room in the office when I put the wall back up that's what their wall looks like but I quite like it without the wall and over here we've got the little comfy nook for Sophie and Henry to have a relaxed after the triplets are asleep.

And have a cup of tea so I'll put a tea machine in here and their tea collection and they've got their wardrobe and everything's to hold on let's just have a look I just love the colors in here they're just so relaxing I've got lots of wardrobes in here lots of places to hang up and in the bathroom which connects to the bedroom there is a spa because there was a spa in the.

Liquor version we built and a shower and all the other things you need in a bathroom heading out here there's this cute little walk through and this is very fancy this is well actually I haven't put very much in here at loads but we've got a whole heap of exotic fish here that Henry has collected on his travels and he has also got a whole heap of his artefacts that he's also.

Collected in fact when the trip with your bit older we might head them back out into the jungle for some adventures something that'd be cool let me know in the comments if you think they should go out on a jungle adventure cuz that's Henry's job it's working in the jungle and over here is a living area and there's a couple of interesting things out on the verandas there's an.

Archeological table and there's a painting easel and this chess set there's all sorts of stuff kind of just randomly dotted outside which we're going to use as we go along in the let's play alright so let's just check this house so we might let the other triplets in again we'll unpause it and we're actually going to jump to winter because we are getting ready for Christmas the.

First Christmas in the Darlington's house and look it's snowing I need to put some more decorations up on the outside of the house but uh it looks just so Christmassy and festive and the Darlington's have all got their own special Christmas outfit Sophie is looking very very cute they're stripy stockings where's she going and our little reindeer reindeer top Oh.

Tink has got an obsession oops all right they care don't know quite what the obsession is I suppose we'll find out she's building a snowman oh and violet is very slowly coming down these stairs to come and help we're gonna have some bonding time and violent easy and a Christmas tree costume and why because she can cuz it's Christmas and she looks adorable and.

You're gonna be horrified when you discover that I've actually put the boys in Christmas cute oh she's half your building she's thinking about building with the building blocks so yes this is the building blocks balance it's the same idea now who is this here this is Harry Harry I can tell cuz he's the one with the yellow star on the top of his Christmas tree and he is the one who can.

Be a little bit wild a little bit naughty and he's totaling through the kitchen uh oh he comes - oh he's helped himself to a piece of pie and tinker is well right up from the table just going straight over this candles there right okay and wait your pie dough and Harry just dumped his pie as he went around the back I think that Henry is trying to get his attention and look at Alex alex.

Has got the little pink star on the top of his Christmas tree outfit he's just chilling here on the Blue Chair chat with Henry Harry's heading up to alright okay see pie he's - to do these Christmas tree outfit and it looks like Sophie is putting violet in for a snack - no pie for violet violet gets multi-colored cereal looks like Froot.

Loops looks like something full of sugar perfect for Christmas though violet doesn't look overly happy Henry looks like he's trying to placate maybe Alex would like a piece of pie - so maybe Henry is going to get him a piece of pie Oh Harry is just busy smashing that pie down and getting crumbs everywhere it's a sparkly pie though and violet Oh.

No okay so Henry is going to let violent oh of her high chair and then violet can total up and get up to any sort of mischief let's see what these boys are doing Oh Harry's gone with Harry I don't know where Harry's gone but how Christmas tree desperately needs decorations so we're gonna put Sophie and Henry on that lots and where are the bubbles going they're kind of putting.

Them on and they disappear until the Christmas oh they're throwing them on that okay they're totally disappearing into that tree oh they finished it there's no bubbles on it I'm just saying if we look from different angles whether the bubbles turn up but no oh yeah they are well that was magical that was just magical oh oh oh she's good oh I don't like where we book those maybe we.

Shouldn't have thrown them on the tree and then it would have looked better no but she's throwing some more on so if we throw some more on it'll totally look better yes I like your who liked your idea Sophie now I dread to think what the triplets have been getting up to while the adults have been otherwise occupied decorating the tree and tossing bubbles randomly asked but the trees.

Still not finished yet and Oh violets put herself to bed well her mum and dad were busy decorating the Christmas tree she's so keen for Christmas hold on what happened over here it looks like there's been some triplet rage was that Harry no Harry's a slave Oh actually Harry Harry's asleep in the teddy bear right oh no hold on nope is he awake I don't want to know oh and Alex is just.

Back sitting in that blue chair he loves that blue chair it couldn't possibly been Alex who destroyed the dolls house that's not the sort of thing that Alex would do alex is toddling over here oh I know but what are you what are you doing Alex looks a little bit sad oh here come his mum and dad they're gonna come over and cheer him up oh hold on he's trouble Oh.

Hairy husband and totally into the scene let's see what happens now that's perfect Alex could do with a cuddle that might cheer him up too if she can get around Henry cuz he was just standing in the way there oh okay so not just to cuddle it's time to give Alex something to eat because Alex never ended up getting any pie you.

Guys he missed out violets had fruit loops but now he gets some I do not know what this is I don't know no he's laughing she thinks it's hilarious yeah let's give this kid flavorless weet-bix wellies Oh leave a nice mix oh but he's eating it so I'm gonna stand over here and just watch he still looks so sad I think she's room energized and happy but she's.

Not gonna be happy when she sees the state of her dolls house so let's get Henry to fix that come on Henry come on Henry here he comes oh he's come to Blair yeah me balloon fly yeah I think she would love to me balloon fly so Sophie and violet are gonna sit down and they're going to play flashcards cuz there is nothing more fun than playing flashcards while your dad repairs your.

Doll's house so what's this one blonde G she no sure oh she's sure Oh No Oh Alex fell asleep in the highchair I feel as though Alex is gonna be the neglected child because he's so quiet and nobody notices him because he's being so good I don't know they don't want to wake him up he probably needs asleep but I can't imagine it's very comfy in there oh here.

He comes big stretch Oh Alex come on Henry give him a cuddle hi Jeff I think Sophie and Henry are going to really struggle having triplets I wonder if we should make some grandparents to come in and help out oh okay it's time for Alex to do a bit of toilet training there's something fun this will cheer him up because toilet training cheers everybody.

Up okay come on Alex do your business in the potty it's fun it's really fun good yeah and I'll give you some fruit loops you don't have to eat that taste anymore uh-huh he comes Harry Harry's toddling in division oh no he's a division let's go see what he's doing oh good Harry's playing in the toilet and violet is here too Oh and tinker's.

Going to the toilet laughs it is toilet time for everybody Harry's having a bit of a thing going what you doing Alex yeah good work you are well on the way to be toilet trained little dude whereas Harry just basically likes to play in the toilet so I don't know how we'll go about toilet training him Sophie and violet uh playing dolls in.

The newly fixed dolls house tinker's in here too he comes Alex oh you stepped on Tinker so tinker got out of the way and oh he's climbing into violets bed he's trying to shooting her off because he looks so sad and so tired come on team cut off your harp alex is going to oh you poor little fella he's plumb tuckered out from the big movie in.

Today's meeting see I don't know how many hours I've been awake and I think ya hurry is playing with Henry keep an eye on this little boy though it might be alright it's some adult supervision Henry looks like he's having more fun than Harry is whoa he's brought in the helicopter and the helicopter zoomed in and barely missed the doll nope Harry's out of here right he is off to course.

Miss just somewhere else and Henry it's gonna continue playing dolls I know he's not he just realized that the children left and he felt a bit silly so she was too weak are you opening a prison early yeah he did too and it was a rubbish present isn't it it was a wolf eel yeah okay yes obviously not happy about this what can we do with this wolf eel I wonder we can mount it and put it on.

The wall I wonder if we can put it in a fish tank in the boys room that would be cool I've never had a wolf eel in a fish tank before let's stock the fish tank here with the wolf Oh kind of a sack will feel oh that is just a little bit of a creepy fish and it's quite true who'd give people a wolf eel as a present that's a bit dodgy all right now we have got the house a.

Bit more set up ready for Christmas because in the next video we are going to join the turlington's for their special Christmas Day we might even go out for some Christmas marketplace fun as well so let me know in the comments if you would like and kids are having a marvelous time sight would you like to see a Darlington Christmas day I'd like to find out what happens the Christmas.

Day there so make sure you subscribe make sure you check out some of my other videos let me know if you would like to see Christmas Day special and I will see you then bye


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