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Amazing Grace Bagpipes - The Snake Charmer ft. Barcelona Pipe Band

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Amazing grace is a song that touches everybody's soul. A song that brings peace, serenity, calmness, humility and joy all at once. This is my Bagpipe version of this wonderful song that sounds hauntingly beautiful on an instrument like Bagpipes infact Amazing grace is most popularly played on Bagpipes. This video was shot in Barcelona, Spain and Solan, India. Hope you enjoy the difference in Landscapes. Please Share if you enjoy this video, sharing is the quickest way in helping an artist.
Spcl. thanks to Raul Guerero and his mates of City of Barcelona Pipe Band of Bacelona, Spain for joining me in this video.
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you and that was amazing grace a much requested video on my channel if you enjoyed it give this with your thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to my channel and press that Bell notification next to it to never miss an update on my channel.

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Locations this video was actually shot in two locations Barcelona Spain and Himachal Pradesh India I just wanted to show you different landscapes and just you know the song is just so amazing so I had to do that until next time guys


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