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Get Movie Box & Bobby Movie on iOS 12 (NO JAILBREAK) | Watch Free Movies & TV Shows

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Get Movie Box & Bobby Movie iOS 12 - 11.4.1 (NO JAILBREAK No Computer) | Watch Movies & TV Shows Free on iPhone/iPad 2018
Here's an updated 2018 guide on how to watch movies & TV shows for free on iPhone/iPad running iOS 12 with MovieBox & Bobby Movie!
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What's up guys my name is Brannon and today I'm gonna be giving you an updated guide on how you can watch full movies and TV shows for free using the latest version of movie box now this method I'll be showing you in this video will work on any iPhone iPad or iPod Touch running on any iOS version including iOS 12 and of course you don't need a jailbreak or a computer for this method.

And I'm also gonna be showing you a couple of movie box alternatives later on in this video just the case movie box does get revoked at some point down the road now if you're unfamiliar with movie box this is basically what the home screen looks like you could see you get a very nice UI that shows off all of the new movies and TV shows you can also go over here and search you could break it.

Down by movie TV show you have news trailers favorites you can also download in here as well and you can add things to your queue and all that good stuff so if we go to TV shows we have a filter button right up here we can filter by the rating and also by when it was added you can also filter by genre if you want and you can see there are all of the popular TV shows right here so let's.

Just go into one just to show you real quick how this works so let's just say ballers you can see it shows you some information on it right here and it shows you season 1 and all the episodes right here and all we have to do for the TV shows is click on the episode click play and if you do get an ad just click no thanks or the X and right once you click play you can see it starts playing.

Immediately in full 1080p I'm not gonna play this for copyright reasons but you also do have airplay up here as well so if you do have an Apple TV or you would like to listen to it on your home pod or something like that you can do so and you also have full screen there as well I would recommend putting your device and landscape mode for that and then of course you can download it from torrents.

As well and one thing I always like to recommend when talking about movie box whether that's if you stream or if you download is to use a VPN and not just any VPN a solid VPN service that's gonna be reliable and quick and I actually partnered up with Nord VPN to help you guys get an amazing affordable VPN that will protect your privacy both by using movie box and also when browsing and.

Downloading things on your computer now you've probably already heard of Nord VPN but if you haven't they are an extremely popular VPN service with more than 4,800 servers in 62 countries and of course you're gonna be able to watch as many movies or TV shows on movie box with this service because they offer unlimited usage and bandwidth and basically every country Nord VPN gives.

You double data encryption for increased in an when browsing and downloading online you also had things like p2p sharing which are loud and all that fun stuff so you'll never hear from your ISP again if you tried Nord VPN and like I said earlier since we did partner up you're able to get 66% off of a two-year plan which is a steal of a deal plus you have.

A 30-day money-back guarantee so there's really nothing to lose here so definitely get it while it lasts by clicking on the first link in the description below and while we're in the application I'm just gonna go ahead and connect to my VPN and just so I don't get any kind of notifications from my ISP but anyways now that you've seen a little bit about moviebox now go into it.

A little bit more in a second here as well let's delete that and show how to get it on your device so you're gonna do is go into Safari and you're gonna go to ignition dot fun so that's ignition dot fu in click go and if we scroll all the way down to the bottom of top-10 you should see movie box plus plus right there but if it's not at the time of watching this video.

Just go to apps and we're gonna go to tweak'd and then you're gonna scroll down until you see movie box plus plus now the reason we're doing plus plus is because this version does not have ads in it the regular movie box will have ads but this version will not have ads and if it does it's not gonna have near as many as the regular version of movie box so once you click on that you should.

See the screen right here go and click on install install then go back to your home screen and you should see it start loading up right here should be a pretty quick download once it's done click on it and if you get this untrusted Enterprise developer we're gonna go over to our settings general profiles and device management click on the enterprise app Trust trust and now we.

Should be able to open it right away there we go so I already showed you around the application a little bit but let's go into a little bit more detail because some of you have issues while using this sometimes so for instance let's go into the Meg this is a movie right here and you'll see that we have two buttons right here watch now and download if you.

Click on watch now and it doesn't play if it says unsupported that means that you most likely do not have your VPN enabled or the server is just down so actually if a server is down and you need to get to another server you just need to click on these three dots up in the top right and you can see their server a and there will be other servers there as well and you can also change.

The quality right here so I highly recommend doing 720p or higher if you do have a sufficient internet connection and you can also turn on subtitles if you want to as well and of course if you click on server a you can see there's only one server for this but if you click that you can choose other servers for other movie if available and then you can also.

Favorite these if you want to as well so you can have quick access to them over here in the menu now movie box could get revoked at some point in time so if you click on it at a future date and it shows untrusted Enterprise developer and the profile just won't trust inside of settings that means it got revoked and you should probably go back to ignition not fun and try to download it again if.

You want to prevent movie box and any other application from getting revoked you can go back to ignition not fun go back to the top-10 and go to the number one application which is Lazarus if you click on that click install and then it should install an icon on your home screen if you go ahead and click on that click start protecting allow to add to your VPN enter your passcode and you can.

See once you allow it it will start protecting and it will run through VPN and if we go back to our VPN settings you can see you can actually run both Nord VPN and Lazarus at the same time and once again this is gonna allow you to prevent moviebox in any other application from getting revoked which is when it stops working and as I said I will show you an alternative as well so.

If you go back to ignition dot fun and go to Bobby movie plus plus let's go ahead and install that install and we'll show back up on our home screen right here and it should be under the same certificate so you should not have to press on the trust inside of settings again so you can see it opens right up and the reason I like Bobby movie a lot is because it has chromecast support.

Unlike movie box I don't have an Apple TV so I don't use airplay for that but it's nice to be able to have chromecast and be able to play these movies and TV shows on the big screen through Bobby movie so if we go into a movie right here you can see we have the different servers watch now and you can see we have the chromecast button up in the top right which is really really nice and.

Convenient and if you click on this server button right here you can see there are two different servers for this movie if we click on watch now you can see it starts playing right away we do get a minor advertisement there we didn't get any in movie box but for some reason we are getting them here in Bobby movie pretty quickly but like I said if you are having difficulty with playing.

These movies or TV shows definitely make sure you have a VPN like Nord VPN and also make sure you go through the different servers and there are also servers in here that don't work for select countries so that's another reason you would want to use a VPN to get an IP address from a different country so you can watch certain movies and TV shows but anyways guys there you.

Have it that is a quick tutorial on how to get movie box and Bappi movie so you can watch free movies and TV shows straight from your iPhone and of course this does work on iOS 12 you can see I'm running it here on iOS 12 on my iPhone 10s Macs so hope this video helped if it did make sure you give this video a thumbs up also make sure you guys do.

Check out nord VPN i want to thank them again for sponsoring this video if you have any problems at all let me know down in a comment below and I'll do my best to help you out but anyways guys thanks again for watching and I'll see you soon


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