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E X P I R E D - A Short Film by Robert David Sanders (2003) 21:9 1080

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E X P I R E D - A Short Film by Robert David Sanders (2003) 21:9 1080


Joe what's going on who are you talking to on the phone no one don't worry about it I really had a good time last night Jane so did I aren't anniversaries wonderful yes they are I really love you you know that don't you it's okay you don't have to say anything I know you can't.

I was thinking would you like to go into the countryside today maybe get out of the city for a while Oh sounds wonderful can we get some apples of course we can I'm going to get a shower when I get out we're out of here just you me the countryside and that was hard with .

Are you dressed yet I wanna be out here but who are you or what are you doing here sign here please where is my wife mr. Joseph em Souls me what's going on here where is my wife your wife sir yes my wife where is she are you referring to new breed model number xB 71 you have been given several notices she was due back 15 days ago no.

No you cannot can I have an extension I can pay for a next time sorry sir I cannot process your request your xb-70 one is expired and has been reclaimed by the company sign here please at this time new breed would like to invite you to visit our showroom to select a new one because you are a preferred customer your penalties will be waived of course .

You realize falling in love with your new breed is illegal consider yourself fortunate good day mr. Saltzman you.


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