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Шанхай. Выставка в Китае. Переводчик китайского языка

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Всем привет, это Ningbopoint и наш новый выпуск с самого крупного города в Поднебесной – Шанхая. О работе переводчика, посещении выставок в Китае, сопровождении клиентов, а также о финансовой столице Азии – Шанхае смотрите на сайте
Специфика посещений международных и локальных выставок в Китае, особенности участников выставок, масштабы выставочных павильонов, тонкости работы переводчика, гигантские расстояния в Шанхае, килограммы рыбы, пойманной прям у дороги, тайфун Яки и многое другое только в сегодняшнем выпуске!
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Hi everyone. This is China Quality FAQs and I am Dmytro Sautin. Today’s video about interpreting jod duiring an Expo in Shanghai. Shanghai is 200 kms far away from Ningbo, but I’ll be going there by plane. This is the fastest way to get to Pudong International Airport from Ningbo. Watch it, analyse and make the right conclusions. I took a window seat, let’s see how the morning Shanghai looks like. I don’t know what the exact reason is but Chinese domestic flights are often delayed 3 to 5 hours and it’s a common situatuion here. My flight was also delayed for 2 hours but luckily them informed us about the delay boforehead. So I wish you full battery of your cellphones and have more patience if you’re in China. China is a huge country so sometimes the road to the place of work is longer then the work itself..

Therefore the goverment pays attention of the infrastructure. Trains, planes, highways... Sometimes plane tickets are way cheapper then the train. But I preffer busses and at the end of the video you’ll know why. I am in Shanghai, Pudong International Airport. It’s a huge city, bigger then Moscow and New-York, overcrowded modern city. Now I am going to the subway station and then to the Expo center. Subway was opened in 1993, it now has 15 lines and 395 stations. This is Shanghai Subway station map. In order to get from here to here.

I needed one and a half hour. In Shanghai one of the biggest problems is that you need spend too much time on the traffic. So it’s better to have half a day or even a whole day for getting to the places you need. This is the hotel where I stay. There is a small balcony here. Shanghai has a beautiful architecture which combines modern skyscrapers and nice green parks. I am with clients from Chelyabinsk and we’ve decided to have a walk as the expo opens tomorrow. I have a sore throat so my voice sounds little strange. This city amazes by it’s hugeness:.

Skyscrapers, parks, financial centers, airports and slum areas at the neighbourdood. Everything in this city has a prefix “the”: the biggest, the hihgest, the widest. People come here for business, for travelling, for education and just for life. I think comments are not necessary here. Every day new International Expos are held in Shanghai. I walked 35 kilometres during 3 days, visited Expos – an 2 Internationals and a 3 locals ones and got a lot of new information. My clients and I are on the International Expo of decorative building materials. There are many people here, great amount of booths,.

This a visitor badge and it’s free. The registration is easy and took us about 15-20 seconds. But at the entrance there were Chinese who tried to sell the entry badge in a little bit rude way. So be attentive, just go inside and register for free. After a quick registration we went from one booth to another. Wallpaper, machines, printers, decoration materials and so on. Every company is representing his product in different ways. Every booth has it’s peculiarity..

Someone is demonstrating Chinese calligraphy, Someone has invited foreigners as assistants. All this attracts Chinese customers. And other show their novelties The day is over and in the end .... Yagi typhoons was awaiting for us. The roads are paralised, megatons of water falling down from the clouds, and even kilograms of fish caught by ordinary people, flooded streets..

All these happened withing a couple of hours. After such a typhoon it’s important to get dried. But the hairdryer named “Valera“ died. “Valera“ died. My job in Shanghai is finished However, my adventures are not over yet, I arrived to the railway station But almost all the trains were cancelled due to the typhoon. So I hurried to the bus station, bought the last ticket fot the last bus today And I hope the typhoon is gone.

So I can sleep at my place tonight. Follow my channel See you soon Love and hugs, bye!


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