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Big 24 - "Bleed" 'Official Video]

Опубликовано: 3 месяца назад
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Lane Gang's own Big 24 is back with the official music video for his new single "Bleed" - Make sure you drop a COMMENT below and give this one a LIKE. More music on the way #LaneGang
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Right here you hear me body fits to get you up there and then I even gotta come dull body fear gangster shit I got bodies here alright this fucking nigga Jimmy fuck all that bar fear Fergana course live camp fear whatever Bob body fear you know gangster money line music you know what it is man boss walk man I'm coming man big 8 min man spot here.

hey IG hitter central rapper your nigga please Widow hug for a few nigga he leaves one left for the net yeah yeah let's see that hollows open up his chest yeah yeah don't get stretch take it here for a chat yeah yeah don't get wet Travis else up six to stop on the vacant junkie shaking hand Austin's today to.

Major he's all guys take off the race Bangkok's here turn off the bases double the vacant check the shake it hey boss this today the major he's hard I'll take off the race bag talk about the bases a robber your nigga yeah yeah it's called brain Widow hopeful rap for you nigga yeah gets go see old man pop it on the grill he IG hitter since go right for your.

Nigga huh yeah y'all go bleed widow husband right for you nigga yeah ESCO seen it cut that shit what romance control the t Widow pop and I sit on the grill oh yeah t hit up niggas out here claiming shit ain't neither did I come up with shooting the guy who you know you could out like you done so back with.

Not bust I'll make it there I got to do for your nigga yeah yeah it's called bleed widow hub will rap for you nigga yeah guess we'll see nigga Tibet see what romance I see I'm gonna tear it up pop and I sit on the ground up he IG hitter sensible ruffian nigga yeah go plea widows husband Ralph you nigga it's full seat yo man let's go eat Widow pop it on the grill.

Yeah we still out here nigga fuck talk about seeking lovely walk niggas fuck I'll talk while we sit at a gig ain't no white flags nigga shut them in pussies dang game you


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