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North Americans Roads 2019. Latest videos, stories and comments. Episode #51.
1:57 - Cammer: "Guy had cut me off and brake checked me like three times before I hit record on my phone".
2:32 - 85 Year Old Man Shoots at Drive in Road Rage Incident - Marion County, FL.
Deputies said the victim, who lives in Marion Oaks, was driving home from work Wednesday around 6:30 p.m. when he noticed Christino Aquino kept flashing the high-beam headlights on his white Mazda in the victim's rearview mirror.
The victim told deputies Aquino and the woman in the Mazda with him followed him back to his neighborhood, even though he had taken the back roads, and the victim called 911 because he was scared to go home.
While on the phone with dispatchers, the victim said he saw Aquino had something that looked like a gun.
Deputies said the victim was eventually able to get behind Aquino and tried to read his tag number to dispatchers over the phone, but Aquino began shooting at the victim's vehicle.
The victim, who said he does not know Aquino, was able to get away, but his vehicle was hit by several bullets, according to deputies.
Deputies met up with the victim a short time after to retrieve a copy of his dashboard camera recording, which captured the entire incident on video, the Sheriff's Office said.
Authorities arrested Aquino at his home, where they found the white Mazda described by the victim, deputies said.
The woman who was in the car with Aquino when the incident took place said Aquino was following the victim to "see what he wanted," according to deputies.
Deputies said the woman also told them she saw Aquino holding the gun the victim described, but did not know if he fired it.
Aquino was arrested on one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and was taken to the Marion County Jail. He was released after posting bond early Friday.
Deputies recommend that anyone involved in a road rage incident should call 911 immediately and drive to a safe place.
4:25 - Two men were arrested after a road rage incident in Massachusetts during which one of the men was clinging to the hood of a moving SUV.
According to Massachusetts State Police, the incident started Friday afternoon when the two men were involved in a minor collision on the Massachusetts Turnpike.
Richard Kamrowski, 65, pulled over, got out of his car and tried to exchange paperwork with Mark Fitzgerald, 37, said police.
The exchange turned heated, with Kamrowski grabbing a water bottle from Fitzgerald's SUV and stood in front of the vehicle, police say.
When Fitzgerald drove toward Kamrowski, he jumped onto the front of the SUV and grabbed the hood. Police say Fitzgerald starting driving on the highway with Kamrowski still clinging to the hood, slowing down and speeding up in an attempt to shake him off.
Read more - nbcnews.to/2G2DdQU
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- camera gun gasps camera that's a camera that's a camera that's on camera brah Akio - Camp slick .

I have a vehicle that's following me and just blocked me in my way and he when he pulled up next to me when I went to the grass to pass him he he had something in his hand it almost has like a pistol rector on with the right rag or a plastic bag he tells me get back get.

Back I'm at Southwest 23rd Avenue Road I made a u-turn he blocked my path I had to go on the grass I have it all on dashcam and now he's behind me it's a white Mazda SUV he's been following me since and I took the back roads to my house I guess he sees me on the phone now I'm not he wants to drive away are you ready for a tag number Hotel November Lima Romeo 9-0 shooting.

Any he just shot he just shot that bag that bag that bag is a gun you with me dispatch my god is crazy we don't you stop the car you stop Kelly do them you just stop .

You bumped into me your phone hello pump I'm not even here you bumped into me right right you bumped into my bump into you you would implode me or I pulled over and I was gonna be zero you bumped into me when so you're gonna try to kill him you know Yeah right right to be meeting with him on the wedding fire .

call the police welcome to fucking Vanier how do you live your life calling the cops right now yeah run away I'm calling the cops I have a desk and I have a desk and everything how was I tailgating me.

Coming down ten miles an hour I wasn't hey some guys trying to show me because I quote unquote hey okay to do take my car for no reason and now he's screaming at me look I literally what Cisco fucking redneck fucking erase this red Nick suck my dick face I don't even know what oh ok so could it your blood I've spent some years at the company.

I better Canada than you man you can't put this on you so I'm going rings boss aha yeah fucking racist you're so small-minded you're so fucking bearded Oh like I've got a fight okay get the fucker all I do do do is move your truck man you're blocking our whole driveway okay I was gonna go out that way until you started talking shit I.

Turn down you told me to fuck off I see that you told me first boss no no boss all right okay when you're in the Commodore I didn't mean you're my sponsor because of what okay but I gotta go you done done what I can show you the manifest they say back up on the back alley but it's a public I couldn't get out that's all I was asking is if he could move forward or backward business.

I believe having perky it's a private fucking go down yes marquise cut come check the business here huh using that you're right you miss it it's a public alley parking reserved parking that's not the public this a business public alley so come here no I don't need to see you yeah you need to see this man.

Backdoor delivery yeah that's it I do my job public Hey there's any sign don't do the parking all I asked you to do is move your truck man just a little bit so I could squeeze oh yeah but you can you tell me you call me fuck you you called me a name purse man you started saying fuck you because you started going racist and shit well you did what are you are you talking.

About then get out of public if you don't want to be video tape I don't have to ask you for your permission in insanity land yes you're correct not in the United States you're wasting your time I'm sitting here on my phone you're fucking cuckoo I'm looking at Facebook you bitch fuck yourself fuck you you are you're stopping you come to.

Me in a bargain lady oh my god I'm sitting in a parking lot man I'm talking to you right now yeah this crazy bitch pulls up and says I can't videotape I don't know what though she talking about I'm on my phone and now she said she's gonna call the cops on me for being a public obviously she's a wacko oh my god I don't know mom crazy woman yeah crazy woman let's get a.

License-plate number for the crazy woman let's back sure let's put her on YouTube YouTube crazy lady go on YouTube oh you pulled up next to me I did not drive next to you you came next to me don't say I got too close to you though say I got too close to you go make your lies you came to me I did not come to you you're crazy lady yes so leave and yet you stop and you make a scene.

Yes look at this crazy woman see you want you too honey I'm so sorry I'll try to blur out your face your mom is insane I will blur out your face on YouTube I'm sorry you're quiet she she's the one who's pulled over and went insane cuz I'm on my phone Wow you are crazy lady crazy lady crazy fucking lady Oh


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