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The difference between the more recent cars and those yet to be updated (in the press build) is night and day. This is one of those rare combos where i kept driving after the video was done, it was that much fun.
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This video is made possible by the following sponsors make sure to check out their awesome products in the links below hey guys Jimmy here and welcome back to project cars - for another video as you can see the cursor is trying to escape the top of the screen against this following wire my head movement the moment but today we're going to be doing.

IndyCar at Long Beach now doing open top cars in VR is it's super fun you get so much more vision it's so strange to be in an open cockpit car after doing VR in the closed cockpit car because you can just see so much and I'm definitely gonna need that today at Long Beach now Long Beach is one of if not the only circuit in project cars to to actually be laser scanned and drone.

Scanned whatever that means TLDR it's just very accurate this version of the circuit or it should be anyway and probably the most accurate version of Long Beach we have outside of that weird sort of working progress one over in iRacing also knows where I've got my formula rim back finally it's all fix just about there's still a couple kinks in it in the moment it should be.

Okay all this video those he mounted very nicely on this quick release and celebrate that we're gonna be doing a 10 that race today at Long Beach against 23 other AI cars now I'm hoping for you guys this video comes across like one of those really awesome helmet cam videos that's a Indy car release every now and then both videos do that so a fantastic job of putting us in the driving seat.

Which as a straighted armchair racing driver I am all about so hopefully this video can do the same for you guys almost as those videos do for me with the real Indy car on the grid here then at Long Beach for ten laps cover that wave those lights and away we go but never tires get away I'm very fast getaway understanding silver Burke it 4/5 so us having paddles back again well.

Ago then they go on the outside 41 which is a long sweeping right-handed it'll be the inside 42 the fustercluck down here t1 so I wanna be a little bit careful what T to I should say you might actually I guess take the middle wires as contacts on you so free wine for a second ahead of me I'm trying so I'm sorry dude it'll be a contact there but we're okay I've got to stay lie on a.

Stone here we're anywhere for me to go car on the inside they're gonna pull it up and cross gonna try the inside this right-hander yes thank you very much Oh big buddy inside there did expect to hit that 15 there as well I've come on dude cut the course lightly just to try and not go over that curb on the inside there's a guy on my inside here though it's a 15 cross going that breaking Sun.

A bit too deep is he still there don't see him there 2nd gear for this right-hander first time fruit and the power as soon as I can just sit deep in the system is 15 car try spot my braking zone now maybe gonna try be inside here ok I'll just walk - we'll just we'll do we'll still then throw he's still making me work for it.

And traffic jam at the hairpin who would have expected this at Long Beach she said sarcastically come 1/8 gal with it you know the bars are way fruit that has one lap down nine to go hey are you suffering a bit there it seems at the hairpin but we'll forgive it we are still in that press build as I mentioned before do have actually a push to pass you said though I didn't use it.

That's it my minds have to make sure to use that the end of a lap we'll need in the lap anyway Oh someone's dead t1 into the wall I'll take that place like very much all back it and sliding all over the place there on the throttle and the fountain what a little bit the free air now to actually try and drive as fast we can impossibly drive that being hindered by traffic and cars around us try and.

Make up some places we started 24th and the last I'll be interesting see we'll be cleaned up by the end of this race and Fergie R in nice and tight I'll say that I understand what's after that wall I've run in the curve right up to that wall it's absolutely exhilarating they can gear okay I'll do tip the mirrors make sure there's no one behind me there isn't good.

To use push to pass say this is completely to slip in my mind right now contact with the barrier there as I hit the wall hit the curb and you just live really unsettled the car damage is off so of course I'm getting away of murder here but most of these cars I'm not pointing to the ground by any stretch of the imagination Bishop I'll say you can see the number.

Underneath my gear indicator just going down to nine from 10 that was a views push to pass my keyrings a little bit too short so take full advantage of it which is a shame but we have got an acceleration bonus anyway and coming up to the fountain again Trevor it nice and toners clear on the front all straight line that it's so close to that wall there thank Jeff coming in there with.

The virtue of handy thanks dude all right pipe down mate don't talk to me Miller the corner etc räikkönen quotes Bois whatever how he says second gear out there is fun maybe not a good idea can use push to pass here and the front will soon as I can go in front storming away from me with push to pass cheesenut one can do about that unfortunately I can get through here cars a bit slow.

They try the outside line try and use the downforce it comes the understeer still there on the inside now on the outside for the hairpin thank you very much where and bam thank you ma'am then I push the pass just try and use that speed coming out of a hairpin a bit thank you fake Jeff looking around I absolutely adore VR in an open cockpit there's just so much you can see you sit.

You do sit a bit lower in these cars of course but I can see where the tire is I can simply from room I've gotten that worn the left there it's just exciting there's no other word for it really I must say I was expecting this Indy car not to be I don't know I'm not quite sure what this betting to be really but not to be this it's a little bit forgiving I think in the braking but.

Then saying that it isn't the giving on trouble at all i nearly spun it there again ham in the boats it's just fantastic fun you can probably see it in the steering people give me about most am i driving a lot this is how I Drive deal with it but you can see how how does the bump it's a lot of fun feels truly alive which is something that couldn't be said but the first.

Project cars title going to use that push to pass now getting right up in this 16 verse 26 here we go he's gonna go defensive to the inside of t1 and a big in slope 42 though your ears check my mirrors I'm gonna keep the inside line really push him as far outside so I can wait on the brakes there bit of a walk up but we're through nice position gained now who's in front someone else.

To try and catch car a little bit skating through there's I'm being very aggressive the front on just pull an ting out all there get a bullet in but the car eventually grips you just gets shot out of a corner than that kerb super bumpy through there I must say with Kieran down to third again second he's in the front head he we don't die this time.

I love getting close to that wall with so much it's so much fun okay mirrors we should be good enough to defend here they'll be down on my last blip that's okay just focus on going forward right now it's about as late as I can break about things going wrong come on now those dogs in the background absolutely loving this race it seems it's number six right behind now wish to.

Pass yeah the inside things like that squeeze so bumpy necks listening where it's an area that can pull over now when for seventh gear haven't got one you said look to the inside quick ball answer the mirrors they're going to t1 luckily he's not there good never plays gained we really starting to motor on.

Now next up stop from the throttle through there didn't sound like a Wolford it was that off camber corner is so tricky I like it the big fan of it mocchi a big fan this circuit in general I'm not really a fan of street circuits duty but long beach all that time to me that would have left probably that my suspension there in.

Real life but luckily it is in real life yeah mess you've really enjoyed one big sweating it's Indy cars a very challenging combination very fun very fast I'm sitting here right now I'm sweating a bit I must say but I don't mind it's part of the fun for me when I say it's really great having this formula rim back it isn't quite a hundred percent but it's getting there.

Still getting some sort of activation of buttons every now and then where they're not quite sure what causes that but having it when the quick release as well which you can probably see in front of me means it's a lot closer to me which means that I'm not overextending anymore which means that instead of using my wrist to turn that's using my arms now which is a lot better.

We were driving for a long period of time also it's just it's just a healthier position really oh let me twit you through there we are catching the going front though kind of Douma don't push too hard all right Jeff definitely giving me over the rider car Matt you getting it you get the feel headset there is a car sort of in the background as well so.

Gotta keep an eye on that yes they gain really huh now over there what fantastic fun this is well I've really couldn't say that about the first project cars game but I have absolutely no no hesitation he says hesitating in saying that about project cars - in the cars that I've driven that I've been good which have been sort of more modern cars.

You know GT one on foot which it wasn't one of those cars but the TTE this car they are just absolutely fantastic fun to drive and this is still the press version this isn't the final version yet who might even see improvements on this who knows anyway number two car gonna take an old late move down the inside he comes across to me a little bit there a little bit aggressive on the line but we.

Get through see Jeff actually condones the fair and balanced overtaking which is good to know me so I can punt people and Jeff was gonna be Jeff's gonna be hyped for a blessin making good progress so can't do that many laps left two runs quite a short that time around here's what we're doing ten laps so maybe you better catch these guys in front before the end I'm not sure how many laps.

You've got left is know to say on the will never watch your fair that was blimey they're not by the year the wheel your sexualize carry stuff anyway right folks nightwalkers come on catch this guy I really feel like I'm in this car right now it's such a cool sensation I feel the heat of the Sun on me on these it's a it's a cloudy day here in the UK say.

What I feel I thought the Sun is on me right now is such a weird sensation I must say to me you can push the past because it's far too late they're using anyway though they'll be locked down we are sort of catching the guys in front and not quite sure it's gonna be enough to catch them though a blue line there signifying the edge of the track nearly died there on the brakes.

Hopefully oh so close to that wall something that you really can't appreciate unless you're actually in here with me you get so close to these walls and it's I get the same sensation I used to have when driving my car in the spirited fashion through the lanes so close such a sense of speed and you get that so well around to have actually and a couple of times my practice I've.

Got into the wall so hard that I flinched that's how real it feels I'm not sure I'm gonna catch these guys be in the race but I'm gonna give it a red-hot go often the second through their trial have all run wire through there the entire race right and early push the past right away I already got one use left I'm sure honey that's a lot left this the end.

Nope still going got a chance to catch these guys in front there you go lie flat got fake Jeff cheering me on one more push to pass to use I'll use it from the back straight or locking the brakes all the way in there really throwing this thing around long beach now it's desperate to make up one more place well sure what's going to be for us but.

Of course doesn't matter just get involved in the race you're in I'm very much involved in this race right now come on mister pass I just can't get close enough really pushing the car in we're in come round again oh it's all gonna work around the outside maybe you hit the water inside come on go go go bam bam and the AI front prereqs my car as an.

Insult where do we finish we're to be finished today oh hi it seems we finished down in P 13 but that felt like a win again project cars - in VI is just absolutely fantastic fun I'm really enjoying it hopefully you guys are too if you enjoyed that video make sure to hit that like button if you really enjoyed it hit subscribe to be notified of future.

Videos guys let me know what you want to see in project cars - you want to see a certain car track combination in VR or maybe not in VR let me know and I'll see if I can make it happen as always guys take care have an awesome day see you all next time



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