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Rapper Young Buck Is He Trapped In The Closet or Scared To Come Out.

Опубликовано: 1 год назад
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you tube you too what's going on trade back again hitch with the video and man it's been one hell of a week and we're gonna go and start this video off Riker this video gonna have a whole lot.

A whole lot of talking in it so this is a disclaimer I know it's Friday those kids supposed to be in school and they're not in school today or if they threaten you and say they didn't want to take that to school or if you're too scared to go wake them up shame on you but anyway if they are in the room right now with you which they shouldn't be they should be at school.

While getting ready to go to school please escort the aunts I'll put your heads on something because man I got a whole lot of shit to tell you you're gonna need about two 90-minute tapes and in a box of cigars y'all gonna get them kids out the room so we can have our grown folks talk go ahead okay hopefully out the room by now but.

Godly did you all not hear the story with young buck and Lord knows Lord knows I did not want to do this video but after so much evidence coming back I'm like what maybe it's a lot now this ain't the first time that the rapper Young Buck from g-unit Cash feel anyway ignore and no disrespect to all my people in Nashville Tennessee Tennessee period big shots here by the Tennessee.

That's really holding it down and that's not afraid to do what Freddie come out that closet yes come out that closet some people are so scared to come out that closet you know I know it's going on the end of 2018 and this shit gonna carry all the way over to 2019 but why in 2018 and September it is yes people still afraid to come out the closet look if you like something if you like would.

You like would if you like cooking you like cook let me say it again if you like bullet you're like good if you like cookie you like cooking come on out that damn closet and stop picking your head off that closet and get your ass on out that damn closet whoever's in there now you know I remember a song by Michael Jackson years ago called keep it in the closet okay did we remember a song by.

Our killer some years ago called trapped in a closet either young buckets trying to keep it in the closet which this video proves take the video down he did you see how he was digging this up baking this this person and then also trapped in a closet because he want to come out but you got to see he want to stay in because he got too much street cred but his free cake rate is.

Gone right now you don't say I could uh I could have sworn and I hate to even sweat I don't even sweat like that you know I'm saying no offense to my Catholics out there I could have sworn that uh I didn't heard this story before about young buck and I'm not gonna say about who but I'm gonna tell you something they used to be very close friends with Whitney Houston I'm not.

Talking about Bobby Brown bein away let you all do the Maryland I like to let you all do some thinking so anyway um the person came out a few days ago you know I'm saying basically expose a young buck to be homosexual you know and if he is well power to them he'll I got homosexual watch my channel big shout out to you all also this is no bad Channel what you choose to do with your.

Life is that's what you choose to do with your life I'm not here to pass judgment on nobody but I'm just here to expose those who do shady and deceitful deeds like trying to keep it on the low I don't understand what the hell is going on they want to keep it download but no no no we can't allow that no mo why what a man you know I'm.

Saying as popular as Young Buck decides to go that route that's on yummy that's what he choose if you like would you like would if you like boy cookie that's on you I don't have no problem with that we're not talking my little boy B time I ground me and they just called boys by the way that's on you who cares but don't know man let me say this don't.

Know man call another person up another man up and say please take it down it's gonna be bullets flying see that's what they when they try to resort with you and trying to say but now like you remember how you said the first video I'm not gay whoever did this person is lying on me come to find out y'all got pictures together all kinds of stuff I mean damn.

Got history got it now pulled up all kinds of stuff off Instagram text messages and everything somebody's lying I don't think it's the UH the training I think it's actually buck himself yes yes it's booked he got that name booked for a reason guess he booked like a dam style you like I say it didn't a nerd that call the person up and keep calling knowing.

They already put you on blast it just like fellas check it out check it out and women also but fellow I'm talking to my fellas right now just like you look all the girl and you don't you don't cheating on this girl and she knows you have a girlfriend so the keeper from going back tell your girlfriend you back though you call her or you seal somewhere most time on.

Stupid ants call not realizing that they got caller ID and all this other stuff well I'm saying if you don't do something be really be good at if you don't cheat be a good cheat if you don't keep it on the down-low keep it on the down-low like an expert you don't say keep it hush like Watergate used to be hush for those who know about the Watergate Nixon thing anyway so you'll.

Go talk to the person first and try to get them you know like take it down you know I'm saying my my girl tripping you know I don't want her to find out about us but once you see me they still pushing the entry because right after buck did that first video the training came out with another video basically exposing them even more and then this video right here I mean when will you.

Learn that if it's going to this extent why I called a person you know I'm saying just deny it all I mean but damn you can't deny when they got text messages in pictures now I'm not saying that he's funny I'm just saying that he's hella funny if you know what I mean about that you know because you can't deny something I know a lot of people out there probably mad at me and like I.

Said I got much respect for young book but the same time I only have no respect for nobody who decides to stay in the closet you don't say come on out that damn closet you film it if I walk about it damn times I yank that damn don't often yang Yang buck up out here come on out here buck we understand that you judges g-unit and all this other stuff but damn if you.

Like if you like would just to meet you like booed I mean it's okay you have plenty people in Hollywood they're like would you have Lee Daniels you have a lot of other people I mean so don't be afraid you know I'm saying only lounging on pass for the LGBT community you should not be afraid to come on out because you want to play both sides of the field you wanna you want to be a man.

But then you wanna do your thing on a low and then still come out here like you hard court mr. hardcore the lottie's people that you find out oh so called hardcore gangster Soho they got so much sugar in a tiny ball they can make a whole ten gallon of kool-aid if you know what I mean now if somebody sit up here and they put you on blast in front of the whole world now if you like I stand.

In social media is its you know connected we're a while so you got people all in damn my screen you looking at Young Buck time a mate look at buck buck buck kind of sweet then you got people in denim Japan you got people all over the damn where I know about this so why call the person if the person who put you on blast it's just like oh one of my uh-oh jump off yeah jump off OH.

Jump around whatever you want to call call them on a side piece of whatever jerk they try to put me on blast and stuff back back when I was trying to be a one-woman man you feel me try to put me on backlight rain oh good he ain't this alright but shit bitch you ain't no good neither because look what the hell you don't did you know you don't sign up you're engaged gave them goods up then.

You already knew I had a woman it's not like you didn't know I had I want me back then so that's on you you feel me I mean you didn't give a damn about it and I didn't give a damn about Anita Hill for dinner because we both cheated but same time that's what people do when they get mad they gonna put your ass on blast by the same time though don't do nothing that you ashamed or somebody.

Clapping right now like yes baby that's the truth try yes do not do something or anything that you are ashamed of if you're out here living a certain kind of way you got on you got a child charging up to the game because hell evidently you like that but at the same time to make a situation worse because I was believable I'm like no way inhale buck would do.

That you feel my god my cousin snuff Colin I even had to tell some empties out like book it's a gangster buck was talking to a female when he said shorty wanna ride with me he didn't say nothing about mister wanna ride with me he said Shani wanna ride with her but I'm like hell no you know I'm saying shorty being got a car and somebody else got a neck car back in 2004 whenever that song came.

Out because we need time I'll go short it know but when I first seen this pitch I'm like but damn you know cuz your eyes deceive because some of these some of these people fix themselves I'm so good you'd be like damn you have to look right here for the Adam's apple you had to look at the shoulders and shit I don't care how good you can hide it you can't hide every damn thing and like I.

Say this is no no bench video to the LGBT community so let's get - frankerz I don't want nobody coming after me I don't need nobody at my damn house all neatly doing this outside with a picket fence time I Borkar know the last show not we don't need that shit I'm just trying to slice it right down the middle of somebody got to come out and see it cuz I'll be looking all around you -.

Like when is somebody gonna speak on this young bus situation very few people spoke doubt on it and I don't blame them because I didn't want to speak out on it but damn you know when I got my inbox flooded like people tribunal talking about your book are you sure favoritism if there was a woman or whatever you'll be going off no no no no it's no favoritism here no bias I won't give it.

Down what race color or creed culture you come from anybody anybody can get it big shout-out to Ceylon for that song but anyway so I'm listening to the video and I'm like what down he just incriminate himself even mo didn't gonna start using these little threats and stuff Oh coz Buddha's gonna start flying a lot of people gonna get hurt and stuff don't.

Talk about it be about it that's the school I'm from and I'm sure some of you all agree you don't want you don't put me out there on blast to the world I'm not gonna call you and if I want to see you I will come see you and we take it from there but I'm just calling him begging and then knowing this person gonna leak the information like they done leaked everything else you.

Incriminated yourself even more no wonder you get caught up in the stupidest crimes and stuff no wonder at the source party back in the day with dr. Dre was getting up damn near jumped on book came from out of nowhere and stabbed somebody with a damn fork you know I'm saying because you don't know how to do nothing get away with it I'm gonna say again you do not.

Know how to do nothing get away with and then when she caught a Michiko I'm called y'all got me yes that is me on the video I'm not saying cuz I couldn't even see the video and don't want to see the video but after hearing our list Oh some ain't had no right let me know what you all think because I'm telling you if somebody calls you and they.

Beggin you a big and your man or whatever and they on the phone oh they don't did something I messed around because that's all it is don't be ashamed to come out that damn clouds no I'm saying 20:18 leading up to 2019 it's the year of come out the closet 2017 was a year of the elves 2018 this this beginning was the thirst is real but damn it we got to go on to the.

Next phase because 2019 coming it's gonna be a whole lot of shit only jutsu trees you filming but one thing about it though look if you're guilty you guilty and they always say what's done in the dark but what somebody said thank you I know you don't wait to church your mama raised you're right your daddy raised you're right what's done in the dark will come to the light so don't do.

Nothing that you are ashamed cause trust me it's gonna come out that just like when I make it big in Hollywood you have all kinds of who's addressing torches trying to come out say I had him or he did this oh he did that but ain't nobody gonna sit up gonna say trade on wah went the other route you know I'm saying like I said no offense to if you that's what you do everybody got their own.

Preference if you know what I mean see every time I tell the truth of damn screen go blank even a computer you want me to shut the hell up but at the same time stop hot ain't no damn closet either y'all trying keep it in the closet or you like or kill it trapped in the closet the point is do not do nothing that you're ashamed of if you like boy cookie that's on you that's.

Your preference if you like a girl-on-girl cookie from a females out there that's on you I don't give a damn because I'm not bashing nobody for what they do I'm bashing people that try to hide what they do and then talk about everybody else what they do like they see a video I'm not gay I'm not this I'm not that well shit you lying or you don't know what gave me anyway let me.

Know what you all think about this video and I hope you all understand what I'm trying to say and I'm saying this once again do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth stop hiding in that closet stop peeking out the closet stop tiptoeing out did put one foot back in and closed it no no no no no no we feel yanked down the closet doors everybody to come out you ain't.

Got something closet dolls all kinds of skeletons gonna follow up them closet but a Phoenix carrot if fall out of my closet just showed you how long they've been in damn sure won't be that kind of Casa you feel me it'd be a lot of jump-offs in there mad as hell and stuff because they didn't rise to prominence with the king anyway let me know what you all think.

About this mess cuz man you got to smile sometime to keep from crying let me know what you all think if you liked the video push that like button if you liked the video subscribe to the channel and definitely share this video with your people your friends your relatives who you know keep it on the down-low who you could tell when they come around but they got.

To sit in a tank because if you're a grown-ass man and you built like a joker and stuff and you walking around steel witching and all these other stuff some is wrong with you if you love a grown-ass woman and you trying to dress up and be like a boy something is wrong with you at that picture we can look at tell what's going on you feel I'm saying if it sounded like a book it's a duck if.

It quacks most likely it's a duck you feel me so stop trying to duck the truth book and come on now ain't mean I didn't mean to make that rhyme stop ducking the truth and come on out that damn closet are you gonna either do a news conference professing because I want to see this person in him face to face not you might have to have a mediator there might have to have $0.50.

Lower banks in yeah yo without any kick here just in case any DJ Whoo Kid just in case shit pops off but they need to have a face-to-face and bring all the evidence ounce you feel me that's all I'm saying because you are innocent until proven guilty so they say but you're really guilty until proven innocent so if you really innocent bring the truth I'll let the truth be toast.

I'll try to tell people take it down and big because if you the truth the truth don't even understand on it's true stands by itself I'm out


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