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LEGO Harry Potter - Part 14 - Spiders! (Years 1-4 Gameplay Walkthrough)

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Lego Harry Potter: Years 1–4 is a Lego-themed action-adventure video game developed by Traveller's Tales and published by Warner Bros.[1][2] The game is based on the Lego Harry Potter line and its storyline covers the first four films in the Harry Potter series: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
The game is available on the Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable, Microsoft Windows, OS X, iOS and Android. The OS X version of the game was released on 22 February 2011 by Feral Interactive.The game was released for the PlayStation 4 on 21 October 2016, as part of the Lego Harry Potter Collection, which bundles the game with its sequel, Lego Harry Potter: Years 5–7, and was also released for the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on 30 October 2018. Other versions of the game were released on 29 June 2010 in North America, 25 June 2010 in Europe, and 30 June 2010 in Australia.


Hey hey guys how's it going buddy my name is Blitzwing iron ladies and gents welcome back to Lego Harry Potter here on the blue to our channel and oh ok looks like things are picking up right off the bat there was not really much of a loading screen there there were weird just got flung right into the thick of things okay so just to get you guys caught up if you haven't seen the last.

Episode go check it out it was bananas we fought a ginormous spider I guess I don't know the spiders name and no it was still terrifying I'm not gonna lie to you guys they did the level so well that I literally in between recording episodes I had to get up and like shake myself off cuz I honestly felt like I had like spiders over me it's I don't know they just did such a good job with.

These the sound effects I guess and just the creepiness of how many spiders the war it was a terrifying level so maybe if you're like arachnophobia it's probably not the best look for you to go check out but otherwise go check it out nevertheless of course don't forget guys down in the comment section below let me know what has been your favorite Harry Potter movie so let me know down in the.

Comments section below I would love to hear from you guys and let's include in that the fantastic beasts movies as well so maybe that's your favorite film let me know down in the comment section below and of course in addition to that guys don't forget while you're down there hit that like button that would be very highly appreciated .

He's a word they're like what's up with that what's this giant snake that seems to have escaped from some sort of a safe okay the girls toilet okay not really a location that you would have think as a like destination in a video game but hey yes there's a first time for anything oh nice okay we got a purple stud there in the.

Corner that's pretty cool alright so for now I'm just kind of gathering studs cuz why not but we do need to start thinking about how we're supposed to get through this supposed hidden passage okay they're just these purple or blue bottles in there yeah how many can you spawn oh that's it that answers the question hello am i okay she's following us.

That's supposed to be happening I really hope so otherwise that is pretty awkward okay look uh sweeping up the floors huh helping out man you know why not we can take a moment we've got magic after all all right okay so next up it seems as though we need to put together whatever this is okay it's a staircase system whoops wait what there we go got it nice okay.

Now it's time to use the Scabbers ability on Ron Weasley and in order to pass them through these little passageways right Oh Oh what happened I think we're all good got to press this little button and that flushes the toilet oh that is just gross snakes got flushed up from the toilet are you kidding me right now do you know the ability for Lumos there we go thank you.

Okay I apologize sorry for the awkward moment here okay we need one guardian Blasio stuff for this and then we can continue scaling through at least until we reach the next stall oh okay take that and then we need to pan Guardium Leviosa again a little bit of pipe warping there but hey you got to do what you got to do and now we flush this toilet and that release the frog of.

Some sort okay let's go find out what that's all about hey there a frog what's up this is a plunger it looks like it's gonna be a plunger oh well maybe it is a plunger I have no idea what it is yeah it's like a mobile plunger now I'm not gonna lie to you guys I haven't seen Harry Potter in a long long time but from what I remember this was not in the.

Movie although I kind of wish it was it would have been hilarious if there was like a flood jersey that they use the key imagine it'd be so out of nowhere everyone Vic wait what he's so confusing but it would be kind of funny honestly because I almost be like a Gundam made to be a plunger like a mech suit specific for clearing clogged toilets okay well for this we.

Need the wonderful Harry Potter because you'll be able to grant us access correct and from what I remember this will yep all kind of shift away and form itself into a staircase right that uh okay guys well I guess we're going down there let's do this oh okay looks pretty spooky why did we just create a skeleton maybe that was not the.

Best idea okay hmm if we had the ability to dig this we obviously would dig that but we don't have the character right now with us like Fang was actually the only character we've met so far who can go on ahead and dig I'm sure there's others that we will unlock once we get to the elbe side of things but for now that's the only character we know of what the heck okay.

That's a problem a could you remove your grip off these boxes boom there we go okay let's use the plunger I guess this is gonna be awkward he's not gonna be happy a plunger to the face okay so these chests here we actually can't interact with because we don't have the dark magic abilities you can't really do much about this.

I can't however gather some of these additional studs oh oh wait I knew that thing was gonna pop up and try to damage us and it did it's the worst part does it still do damage to us I actually don't understand how it did damage to us cuz I thought we had negated damage by using Lumos but I guess I was wrong or maybe I just didn't activate it too quickly enough for something it's a.

Possibility as well that looks interesting look another pathway there it's quite cool okay well you know what let's see what we have over here see what this can formulate in - part of me wants to check the water there to see what you can get cuz I'm genuinely curious can I get this blue stud okay good I just don't want to remain in that water for too long after.

Seeing that giant squid oh okay cool there's actually a hidden stud back here is there another one back here nope there's not oh actually there was one now I feel foolish okay I love how I still figured out how to get up there just by jumping so that's kind of funny another skeleton and I think that's actually going to give us an emblem or crest but not that interested in that of.

Course are you done okay so I'm guessing that's gonna allow us to get across brilliant and then we can create a little ladder or a snake I guess what the heck is going on this is the most terrified I thought that forest was spooky but man the pleasure just covered in skeletons.

And snakes it sounds like chutes and ladders right like a variation of chutes and ladders hey the chutes and ladders sequels out called skeletons and snakes okay come on whoa what is this Godzilla Gojira oh okay that just hurts that's a lot of damage let's make sure we get the blue back and then we need Lumos to get rid of these things go away there we go.

Okay now what do we need for this when Guardian Livio so can we just oh okay you just need to step into the snakes mouth and we're good to go folks okay here we go yeah note to self life advice don't enter places that have giant sneaks on the door not to judge a snake by its cover.

But Oh okay well though could have gone worse honestly you could have succeeded there luckily he did not and for now Harry Potter proceeds on hoods and forwards oh no this is the Demento all right oh good googly moogly here we go welcome to the Chamber of Secrets folks all right for now I'm just gonna keep moving keep moving move move.

Move just move just keep all moving okay so he cannot it seems at least like he cannot hit us up there whoa can we need to create whatever it's gonna take to make those plants powerful impact to break those rocks so powerful impact like for example the attack of the snake Wow okay well the plan was there was to.

Move it was not an option for some odd reason thank you okay took a whole lot of the image need to attack this there we go okay you're gonna wind up with quite the headache you can choose to headbutt stuff like this oh no anything important in there oh I think.

That's gonna be the skeleton arm that we need brilliant okay good stuff now we run over to this side there's a few more boulders okay move sweet man we still took so much Splash Damage it's crazy nu-uh hello I don't know what I'm supposed to do here well whoa maybe Lumos okay that works.

Enough pick that up run run run run avoid that bite okay yes here we go this is a big big deal guys we have super strength now okay run Harry run no Jeannie come on Harry run I'm not just doing this for you we're doing this for everybody at Hogwarts as well as of course Ron's sister Wow the Phoenix is here to save us Oh No.

Okay still has some health left which is problematic hmm obviously something I'm missing here okay let me think we could use the invisibility cloak but I don't think that that's gonna be really helpful here let me try to think let me try to think what could we have missed can I get across this oh I actually can.

Nice you know I can't get up there because that guy's got this whole area pinned down okay come on we could do that from this side come on okay come on man I thought that would have worked for sure.

My supposed to rotate that or something okay that's not working let's think let's think we could just oh oh oh good googly moogly careful okay seems like there's bunch of parts and pieces that have been made themselves available to us now quickly put them together okay okay it's a nice little harp do we not.

Hit him okay that was very bizarre oh maybe you know what maybe it's this nope maybe this then oh this stuff deflects right off him ah there we go maybe now problems have been solved okay careful Harry Potter get the sword true wizard rank no wait oh there we go oh my goodness that's year two completed folks and the.

Trophy for senior has been earned do a little dance dude good job genie oh I'm not sure about that that seems like a bad move like why would you keep hitting yourself you know it's a little awkward oh and so ladies and gentlemen that is a successful performance and a successful second year in Hogwarts now completed by.

Our heroes which is brilliant ladies and gentlemen level completed free player of course has been indeed unlocked we did earn our true wizard rank which means we're gonna get a gold brick for that our stud count has increased by another sixty thousand bringing our grand total to just a little bit under eight hundred thousand that's not too shabby at all we did.

Rescue the student in peril so that's gonna be another gold brick which means that we're gonna be getting one gold brick for level completion there it is one gold brick for true wizard and one gold brick for student in peril not too shabby at all let's see how the story wraps up before we head off to year three so this is just a nice little preview of guess of what is to come with.

The Year three don't forget the first part of the Harry Potter collection is years one through four so we're halfway done now we're 50% done with the original game Dobby he's in a bit of trouble the very Perico thing that's mine thanks I'll take that .

Ah that's it he's no longer his master that's a little awkward Houten chanted by dubby and there's Hermione she's back and the team has reunited folks Slytherin is never happy of course and Hagrid is back as well which is obviously great because all's well that ends well so with that in mind ladies.

And gents there we are we are halfway down to the game I know that that's was 15.4% which then kind of makes you think like wait are you halfway done we are because of course Lego games once you complete them even fully you'll usually be only maybe like 45% done cuz there's just so much to do which is what makes them so awesome thank you guys so much for watching I will hopefully catch.

You guys here on the next part of our Lego Harry Potter adventure peace out guys I'll see you laters alligators bye bye everyone


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