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Lights, Camera, Action! Terrorists film 9 staged chemical attack videos - Russian military

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The White Helmets have shot at least nine videos intended to serve as proof in accusations that the Syrian government conducted a chemical weapon attack using chlorine against civilians in Idlib, the Russian military claims. READ MORE:
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Meanwhile close to the city where the fake chemical attack has allegedly been filmed terrorist factions are still active we received the following images from one such place in hammer province where civilians are constantly being targeted by militants we heard the roar and then there was dust everywhere I grabbed my daughters trying to cover.

Them with my body who lost an Verna I went out to find him and saw him in the corridor there was a pool of blood coming from his head sawed off the Zima camión and several days ago a rocket landed in front of my house my mum wife and three children died I remember how I called home of no one picked up the alum some people died young lady and little girl and two teenagers also died.

Okay well we can talk now to an independent journalist and writer IVA Bartlet who's in Damascus at the moment but has actually been to mojado the footage we saw there you're very welcome Eva thanks for coming on this afternoon we know you've been to that village can you just tell us what you found when you were there yes when I went there I talked to the.

Civil sorry the National Defense Forces and they spoke at length about how the village has been pummeled by missiles from terrorists in the outskirts of my heart a just a few kilometers away and it's been on a daily basis over the past many years and they've said you know they've been suffering nobody is talking about it and they're looking forward to the liberation of it live because it.

Will ease their suffering it will it will mean the cessation of these terrorist attacks on it live the NDF commander told me that 117 civilians in this small town have been killed by such attacks over the years and fifty two additional syrian soldiers have been killed and of course then on September 7th there was a major attack terrorists fired nine grad missiles I was told six.

Of which which were fitted with cluster munitions and they fired them at this village killing 11 people and injuring 20 some of whom were critically injured so these are the kind of things that the media which is busy talking about corporate media which is busy talking about it live are completely negating happening on a daily basis in Mohammed day and there's a nearby village which.

My colleague Vanessa Bailey went to and I'm it's called a scale via in on September 9th I believe that was the latest attack by terrorist actions in which they fired according to math sabili 10 grad missiles on this village so it's a similar situation where these civilians have been suffering to the silence of the international corporate media sure and I know while you were.

There you spoke to people didn't you residents there let's listen to an interview you did with a father who'd lost his family in a terrorist shelley I get paid to play funny patient I'd seen him hey Mario obviously a very traumatic time for him um even while you were there did you get a sense of how often these shelling.

Attacks happen I noticed that he was saying they happen continuously but is it every day every other day can you or is it pretty random I would say it's more than pretty random but maybe not every day on a near daily basis and I talked to one man he was a volunteer in a committee that works to help families that have martyrs or injured people in the families and he.

Was saying you know some days they received more than 70 shells so certainly it is a disastrous situation and that man who I interviewed shadi Yousef Shehadeh he lost three hits three young children his wife and his mother in this terraced attack and it wasn't the first time by the way that his house was hit it was targeted twice before and his neighborhood in general has been.

Targeted ten times by such attacks what the residents say there about the looming battle end for ad lib they what they say and what Syrians have spoken with around the country on previous visits and currently says they want a restoration of all of Syria to peace and they want an end to the terrorism that's been plaguing them whether enid lib or as we saw formerly.

In eastern Bhutto before that in Aleppo and it's their right to live in peace and it's also their right and the Syrian the government of Syria's right to fight such terrorism because we're not talking about the mythical moderate rebels we're talking about al-qaeda we're talking about our Cara Sean and Jason Islam and these are terrorists that have been torturing civilians and executing.

Civilians wherever they happen to occupy so most people I've met know everybody I've met is looking forward to the restoration of full peace and security in Italy the argument we hear often aver is that you know Italy is a province of 3 million people and there are quote only 10 to 15,000 terrorists there there could be a huge humanitarian disaster if there is a full onslaught from the.

Government how the residents feel there are they afraid of the human cost that could occur if you mean residents in Italy by can't speak for them but I'd like to note that in each case where there's been a pending liberation of an area occupied by the terrorists I just mentioned we hear such such cries such crocodile tears from humanitarian agencies and.

Western leaders in Western media and usually the numbers are highly inflated I cannot say personally the number of civilians enid lib but I will recall I will remind people that when eastern Aleppo was being liberated even the United Nations was saying 300,000 civilians in eastern Aleppo and in the end it was half that number or less so that's one point.

I've note that even the Pope has joined in this this frenzy of calls about humanitarian crisis and he may well be neutral but I'm concerned that his wording didn't mention the terrorist factions in Midland and it's the timing of his wording particularly his call for the use of tools of diplomacy well the Syrian and Russian governments have been using tools of diplomacy if.

You'll recall they've opened humanitarian corridors they've offered amnesty and reconciliation to terrorists who will wait lay down their weapons but on the contrary it's these factions within they live that are saying we will kill any terrorist well militants rebels have take whatever they want to call them we will kill them if they participate in amnesty and.

Reconciliation so clearly yes there's a desire for a peaceful resolution to this and the Syrian Russian governments have been offering tools for such a peaceful resolution and the other thing I'd like to notice just I can't attest to the numbers of different terrorist factions in it live at the moment but we must recall that with all the previous reconciliations most of those who.

Decided not to take amnesty and go back to their peaceful lives in Syria and instead decided to join the foreign terrorists they went to it live so I believe there's a highly greater number than simply ten thousand of these terrorists in they live what do you lose view sorry either on the Russian government at the moment and the Syrian government fearing a potential false.

Flag chemical attack in Italy I think their their fears are well based we've had a number of Western officials declaring and basically giving the nod to al-qaeda and other groups that if there is a chemical attack they will retaliate with force so basically terror groups in a myth are being told we have your back if you can stage a false flag attack and then we're.

Going to attack Syria illegally as they've done before in many occasions but I think also the the note that the Russian reconciliation center in Syria and the Russian military have seen for example militants transferring barrels and canisters of chlorine to areas of it live where it's believed a false flag attack will occur I think that's one important point and the Russian military.

Is also seeing the white helmets involved in the delivery and the other thing we have to recall is that children have been kidnapped from areas of it live and Aleppo and countryside and again I'll refer to my colleague Vanessa Bailey because she was just in an Eastern it'd Lipari that was liberated and she was speaking with a family who's whose son was kidnapped about a year ago.

And this family is very concerned that their son will be used along with other kidnapped children and adults in such a false-flag staged video and she was told that in the last year over 600 adults and children have been kidnapped so I think there's grounds to be very concerned that the white helmets which are known to be not the neutral volunteers they they branded themselves.

As and the terrorists that they cohabitate with will staged another false flag chemical attack mmm they even look good to talk to you were going to have to leave it there but that was Eva Bartlett an independent journalist in Damascus thank you you


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